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Beefcake Hunter - Sucking sexy beefy construction worker Kyle
Sucking sexy beefy construction worker Kyle was possible thanks to a referral made by another Beefcake, you know, I always tell the Beefcakes that if they know a friend who may benefit from the gig, to send them my way. Well finally one did it!

Beefcake Kyle is a sexy construction worker father of two, that happens to be going through some rough times, financially speaking. So, after he was advised to seek a hand (and mouthÂ… of course LOL) at BeefCakeHunter Land, he did not waste any time to contact me and show me his goods, you can imagine how excited I got when I saw his pictures!

We agreed to meet at the hotel room around 1:30 PM that Wednesday, but he surprised me by arriving like an hour earlier. I wasnÂ’t ready, you can tell that by my hair LOL. I was in such a rush to set everything up the last minute, and the poor thing was all sweating. I didnÂ’t know he had to take like 2 buses and walk like five blocks! But that was the perfect excuse to get a quick glance of his body and manhood when I asked him to take a shower. When he walked out of the shower with just the towel, I almost melted but I had to control myself for the sake of the show!

Before Sucking sexy beefy construction worker Kyle, we had a quick chat as usual, he is so glad that his friend referred him to me, like he said, he really needed the gig. He was quite ready but I clarified to him that he should let me do my job, lol, he also placed a challenge to me right at the beginning by telling me that his wife gives the best BJÂ’sÂ… how many times have we been challenged at BCH? and we all know the outcome, right Hunters? ??

Indeed, it was a little challenger at the beginning, it costed me a bit to get Beefcake Kyle in the “zone”, he tried to close the eyes, look away and all the tricks but little by little I brought him to the comfort zone where his cock went to his perfect hardiness. Of course, he gave me some pointers, and I just went crazy over his delicious thick cock! I wish I could explore more of his sexy body, he is just the type that gets me crazy: hairy, tall, thick legs, masculine and a nice thick eight inches of cock! Ummmm… Beefcake Kyle anyone? LOL, but for being his first time at BCH I didn’t want to scare him away, because we want him, back right?

At the end of the session he was totally in the zone and I was able to get his delicious thick jizz out and play with his tool afterwards. I hope you guys enjoy this video Sucking sexy beefy construction worker Kyle! Happy Halloween Hunters!

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