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Family Dick - High School Days - Chapter 2 - Caught By Daddy
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Muscle bear, John, is an absolute dream daddy! I love talking with him about his dirty fantasies and all the pervy stuff he gets up to with his step sons. He loves these boys unconditionally and would do anything for them--including help them with their intense sexual urges. These young guys can’t get enough of watching porn and jerking off, and I can’t say I blame them! I can barely keep my hand off my dick now! But for John, he knows these boys need to learn the importance of intimacy and the bonding that comes from getting off with a partner, not just into a sock! And lucky for them, he’s ready and willing to step in! Catching his boy, Mark, jerking off again and again, he takes the opportunity to show him how it feels to be taken care of by someone else. This handsome daddy takes his step son’s big cock in his hand and gives him a lesson I would have begged for! And as he edges his boy over and over, Mark begs, too, for his daddy to make him blow his load!
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