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Boys Halfway House - Incident #190 - First We Make Our Choices - Levi
The average person would be jealous of life in a halfway house as there’s little stress. All you really need to do is work 40 hours per week and go grocery shopping on Saturdays. Additionally, you’ll attend whichever Anonymous meeting fits your particular problem. Those meetings always have free coffee. Other than that, you can develop hobbies, play your games, watch movies. Oh, sure there are chores, but when there are a group of guys and each takes turn.

It’s a lot less hassle than living on your own, in that regard. The curfews and rules give the guys a safe space, and for a lot of them it is comforting. So why in the hell would you not be able to get with the routine? Well, I suppose that’s why they’re in here in the first place. Other than paying rent, missing your meetings is a red flag foul, though. First off, the House Managers are going to find out right away, and secondly, since we know everyone’s schedules, there is no room for wiggling out.

This retard missed several meetings. I caught him making a sandwich when I confronted him. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal, but I was about to make sure that he realized the gravity of his error. Right after I tossed his lunch plate on the floor and made him eat some of it anyway, I had him take his shirt off. He had a lean athletic bod, and I can’t lie – I was looking forward to getting into his pants.

This whiny little bitch looked scared as fuck but he took all of my directions well, including a nice blowjob. I’m guessing that he has given one or two of these on occasion, and not because he likes it. He protested through his moaning, though, and that sort of pissed me off. I haven’t slapped anyone around like him in a couple months. But this dude simply deserved every second of it. When I finally got his shorts off and realized he had a tight little pink hole, I got even more excited, though.

I fucked this reject in ever position I could think of. The entire time he just had this dumb-founded look on his face. I think I even saw a tear or tow drop down his cheeks. But these were crocodile tears. This guy is old enough to know better, and the choices he has made were poor, and continue to be poor. First we make our choices, and then our choices make us.

In his case, his choices turned him into a male fuck-toy. And what a fuck toy he was! Cramming my cock deep into his cunt felt better than usual, and I fucked him for a lot longer than I normally would when there’s a game going on. I bred his hole finally, though, and I think – maybe – he has a better understanding of the way things work around here.
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