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Falcon - Mustang -Trapped 2
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MVP075 - Trapped 2, Mustang's ode to construction worker sex, represents a real improvement over its predecessor, Trapped 1. Director John Bruno appears to be more confident with these scenes, and the editing is much smoother.
The cast, meanwhile, is as rough and tumble a group of butch, furry, bicep and crotch bulging man meat as one could ever fantasize about. These guys all wear dirty athletic shirts that show off their grimy biceps to their best advantage. The only manly thing missing from this video pack was a scratch-and-sniff card featuring armpit, crotch, asscrack and thick spunk aroma bouquets!
First up, hunky, smooth Brad Rock tells curious Todd Maxwell about what happened at his worksite when the electricity went out (the events in Trapped 1). Maxwell wants an instant replay of that action, so he swipes the cell phones of all the workers at his site and locks everyone down. The first to take advantage of the situation are eager Darren Phillips and the sexy Matt Cole.
The sweaty, scruffy and handsome Cole squirms and moans in delight from Phillips' rim. Phillips downs Cole's stiff two-fister like a real pro and sucks on his balls nice and hard. Phillips preps himself by finger-fucking his own hole while Cole face-fucks him.
Cole penetrates Phillips and delivers a mind-blowing series of fast, steady, full-length thrusts that land right where Phillips wants. Phillips mounts Cole next and grinds his ass on the cock as hard as he can. Phillips' balls eject an explosive load of cum onto Cole, and Cole returns with a thick drooler that Phillips catches in his hand.
Next, Harley buddies Ben Campezi and Parker Williams mix it up. The blond, hairy Williams tells smooth, dark-haired Campezi that he likes his ass. Campezi angrily rejects the flirt, and Williams overpowers him. Williams relishes this chance to rape his friend, and all it takes is some heavy dick-stroking for Campezi to warm up to Williams' affections. Campezi has an uncut sidewinder, and Williams pays special attention to his foreskin in the oral segment. With Campezi laying back on the Harley, Williams rims him until he begs for more.
Cole and Mark Hansford walk in on them to complete the four-way. Most notable in the fucking sequence is a three-way train fuck with Casteel in front, Cole in the middle and Williams bringing up the rear. Cole does a masterful job of staying connected in the center, and director Bruno catches a good underneath shot of the double plugging.
Campezi finishes here with a fast-action spitter. Cole churns out some large drip and almost falls on top of Campezi from the intensity of his orgasm. Hansford uses a pincer grip to produce a large oozer, and Williams spills a watery drooler to close the scene.
In the next segment, Trey Casteel catches thick-dicked bodybuilder Brad Rock beating off to a girlie magazine. Once he sees the size of Rock's meaty cockhead, Casteel determines that some serious oral cock worship is in order. Burly and bearded Mick Powers walks in on them, pulls out his cock and joins the action. After oral comes a rimming chain, and once the fucking starts, Powers proves himself a real pig who can't get enough dick from either end. Rock moves from fucking Powers to Casteel, then Casteel fucks Powers harder than Rock did. Powers' engorged purple prick creams an oozer from the bang. Rock fucks Casteel again, who ends with a flying dripper. Rock closes out the scene with a series of long white streamers from his huge dickhead.
In the finale, Todd Maxwell, Kyle Lewis and Dan Rider end up messing around on the freight elevator. Rider is the standout here, bearded, burly, built and big-dicked. This is the total bear fantasy, and Maxwell is in heaven as he downs Rider's schlong. Lewis makes nothing less than oral love to Maxwell's asshole, then gives Rider a nice tongue and finger-fuck. Rider is in ecstasy as both Maxwell and Lewis give his body serious mouth worship from head to toe.
Lewis fucks Maxwell first, but even hotter is Rider's remounting of Maxwell. The three work up to an explosive climax in which Maxwell spouts a spurter, Lewis squeezes out a thick stream of cream, and Rider pumps out a series of diamond droplets that glisten on his furry belly.
As stated, this video is better than its predecessor, but director Bruno still has plenty to learn. All too often, the focus is completely on the crotch areas of the performers. Other more experienced directors are able to fit more and varying erotic detail on the screen that just that, and I look forward to seeing Bruno hit his stride.

1. Matt Cole, Darren Phillips
In a wood shop, Matt Cole and Darren Phillips, unable to pass the time any other way, can't keep their hands off each other's ripped, masculine bodies.

2. Parker Williams, Ben Campezi
Studly Parker Williams and Ben Campezi, playin' around in the motorcycle room, quickly find their engines running into overdrive as they wrestle each other into a frenzy of pleasure.

3. Brad Rock, Trey Casteel
Brad Rock pulls out his cock and starts stroking it to some girly mags. When Trey Casteel finds him, he can't stop himself from giving his buddy a helping hand.
found in compilation The Best of Trey Casteel

4. Dan Rider, Kyle Lewis, Todd Maxwell
Fuzzy stud cub Dan Rider, Kyle Lewis and Todd Maxwell get together for a real man's threeway that will leave you sweaty and panting for more.

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