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Staxus - Punkz - Bareback Bar Boys
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From pole-dancing cuties to dick-riding beauties, these horny twinks know exactly what they expect from a night out on the town – and believe us, it doesn’t involve any form of sexual restraint! Indeed, from the evidence displayed here, their expectations of the local club involve plenty of hard knobs and oodles of spunk. What’s more, there isn’t one of them who leaves disappointed! Neither indeed will you, as the cutest asses on the circuit get pummelled from all directions by the biggest, hardest, barest cocks around!

Scene 1 • Mike's Friends
Young Mike Cage is every inch the party animal – and never more so than when he’s in the company of two of his horniest friends, John Parker and Francisco Ruck, neither of whom waste any time in getting the fellow stripped stark bollock naked so that they can start feeding off the thick uncut cock that he has stuffed in his jeans. Not that it’s Cage’s cock that serves as their primary interest. No, it’s clear from the very start that Parker and Ruck have only one objective here and that’s to get their own hard shafts balls-deep into Cage’s ass – an ambition that they each achieve with understandable ease given that the youngster is quite literally gagging for the fuck of his life. First to dive in is Parker, who slams away at Cage’s rump like a wild animal having previously opened the hungry bottom up with his fingers. Then it’s Ruck’s turn, leaving Parker to manhandle his ramrod down Cage’s throat in a stupendous, all-out spit-roast bonanza! The scene’s crescendo only arrives, however, when Cage takes time out to sit on Ruck’s knob, spewing the contents of his nads in the process; before Ruck and Parker take turns to dump hot jizz over Cage’s face!

Scene 2 • Sex Before The Party
Sometimes just the thought of getting down and dirty at a gay bar can get you in the mood – a predicament that Nick Cox and bottle-blond Eamon August experience together in the privacy of their bedroom. Fact is, neither of these lads could wait to slip out of their trousers for your entertainment, which explains the speed with which each of their straining cocks jump out of their pants and onto the screen – believe us, before you know it they’re taking turns to slurp up and down the length of each other’s dicks, before then sword-fighting those two knobs against each other and immediately engaging in a feisty session of 69-ing that’ll unquestionably have you reaching for your own dripping cock! Don’t blow too early, though. The sight of August’s unsheathed poker dipping into Cox’s ass is most definitely something you won’t want to miss, after all. Nor would it pay to overlook the ultimate result of such mindless fornication, as August splatters a fine wad of cream into his mate’s ass. But the coupling’s finest moment has to be Cox’s own double-digit spurt that leaves his balls totally and utterly unburdened and his hairless belly awash with spunk!

Scene 3 • Midnight Sex
We’re not exactly sure if Daniel Brooks has ever had experience of performing as a go-go boy before, but given his display here in the company of Nick Roth it’s perhaps a career sideline that he might like to consider if he wants to earn a little extra cash to buy a car or pay his way through college. After all, we defy anyone not to be immediately smitten with this cute, bubble-butted little minx, and indeed it isn’t many minutes before Roth has stepped up to the stage so as to feast on the lad’s rock hard shaft and to savour the prospect of having that same meaty pole find its way into his tight ass! An objective that is ultimately realised with remarkable ease, it must be said, as Roth’s horny man-cunt opens up to Brooks’ raw advances like a whore on heat. This is one eager hole that’s unquestionably accustomed to a regular hard invasion from rampant man-meat, and it’s no real surprise that the coupling is soon taking the inevitable toll on Roth’s balls as he dumps a fine wad of juice all over his front. In response, Brooks jerks the sticky fruits of his own loins into Roth’s groin; leaving the boys to conclude their sordid little encounter with a lingering, open-mouthed smooch.

Scene 4 • Romantic Meetings
Well-mannered boys like to enjoy a number of dates with a prospective partner before contemplating the prospect of sex; but for hot and horny guys like Mark Rogen and Amir Waltr there’s no call for any such etiquette. Ten minutes kissing on the dance-floor is more than enough to convince both guys that what they want from each other is a good old-fashioned fuck, and retiring to the nearest side-room they quickly engage in a rampant session of cock-sucking, ass-rimming and pretty much every activity that your grandma warned you against. Of course, it doesn’t really take much brain-power to know where such antics are headed – these boys have been primed and powered for mindless, condom-free copulation from almost the very moment that they met – and indeed before you know it young Rogen is pinned down on Waltr’s knob-end like some sort of virginal sacrifice. Not that there’s anything chaste about the fresh-faced lad by the time this scene’s over, that’s for sure, as hunky Waltr puts the punk’s ass through all its paces. Culminating in Rogen blowing his load whilst impaled on his pal’s dick, before Waltr spurts his salty offerings into Rogen’s mouth!

Scene 5 • Morning After Party
Throw four horny lads together in a bar, ply them with plenty of alcohol, and the result is this scorching foursome that sees Tom Nutt and Chad Rusler get royally shafted by Jon Roz and Carl Baxter – an escapade that we just know you’re gonna love and which you’ll be gagging to watch time and time again! And no small wonder. Nutt, as always, is a dirty-minded blond bombshell who can’t wait to get some thick meaty raw cock up his ass; whilst Rusler shows similar tendencies when presented with the oversized ramrod that Baxter had throbbing in this over-excited crotch. Indeed, it’s no fuckin’ wonder that both fair-headed bottoms seem intent on making the most of Baxter’s tool, taking it in turns to ride the monster to the max! Of course, given the talent on offer there’s no prizes for guessing that the scene concludes with a veritable spunk-fest as all four guys spray their juices in whatever orifice comes available at the point of rupture; and needless to say there doesn’t appear to be a drop of fresh jizz spilt! Rusler, in particular, produces a fine splurge; but it’s Baxter who steals the show by gobbling Roz’s juices and then jerking his beauty to a protein-rich high!

Actors:  Mike Cage, John Parker, Francisco Ruck, Tom Nutt, Jon Roz, Chad Rusler, Carl Baxter, Mark Rogen, Amir Waltr, Nick Roth, Daniel Brooks, Nick Cox, Eamon August

Length: 1:56:37
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