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Boys on Film 16: Possession (2017) PAL DVD9
TeenageSexualitySweet SixteenGrindr HookupsHoliday RomanceComing OutChance EncountersMale NudityGay Sex
Boys on Film 16: Possession

As a brooding teenager, "Boys on Film" is celebrating it's sweet sixteen with an astonishing selection of a latest gay short films.

Country:  UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Sweden
Language:  English, Various
Subtitles:  English (hard) for foreign bits
Duration:  125 minutes
IMDb:  Not Yet Posted  
Director:  Jake Graf, Kai Stänicke, Christopher Manning..
Writers:  Kai Stänicke, Christopher Manning, Blake Mawson..
Stars:  Maximilian Gehrlinger, Alex Ozerov, Max Rositsan, Jakob Jörke..
Homepage:  hxxps://

Special features:

Inside 'When a Man Loves', Behind the Scenes of 'Follow Me', B. Outtake

DVD Release: 12th June 2017  

Plot Keywords:
Teenage, Sexuality, Sweet Sixteen, Holiday Romance, Coming Out, Chance Encounters, Grindr Hookups, Male Nudity, Gay Sex.

Movie Info:
As a brooding teenager, BOYS ON FILM is celebrating it’s (not so) sweet sixteen with an astonishing selection of the latest international gay short films.

Featuring golden boys, teenage lust, self-conscious dolls, chance encounters and a vengeful creature, alongside a holiday romance and a young man’s attempt to conceal his sexuality from his mum, BOYS ON FILM 16 is our most possessive collection yet.

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