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All Worlds - Little Brothers Big Secret (2005) mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Doug Jeffries

Brock Webster
Chad Savage
Kyle Lewis
Marcos Pirelli
Rob Romoni
Rod Barry
Theo Blake
Trae Spencer
Mistress Mona - Non-sexual role

Trae Spencer's got a secret - all year at school he's spent more time checking out the student body than he has been studying. When it's time for him to spend summer vacation living with his older brother (Kyle Lewis) he decides to keep it a secret that the one lesson he learned well at school was how to suck cock.

It's the last day of school and roommates Chad Savage and Trae Spencer are getting ready to head out for the summer. Chad's ready to get back to his old girlfriend, but Trae's going to miss the fun they have been having all year. The two studs hook up for old times sake and take turns sucking each others' cocks before Trae decides he wants one last good fucking before he heads off for a boring summer vacation.

After moving in with his big brother, Trae decides to pay his brother a visit at the bar where he works. When Kyle is nowhere to be found, bartender Rob Romoni tells Trae that Kyle took the night off because it was kinda slow. After Trae leaves, the last customer in the bar (Brock Webster) says he knows how to make sure that it's a good night for Rob and the two muscle studs. They work each others' bodies over with their hot tongues and then fuck each other to a happy ending.

Trae becomes suspicious of why Kyle isn't showing up at the bar where he works, so he decides to follow his big brother off to work. What he discovers is that his big brother has a little secret, too. He works as a dungeon master in a hot L.A. sex club. Trae shows up just in time to see Kyle get into it with Rod Barry and Theo Blake. Things get a little rough as Rod works Theo's hot ass with a dildo while Master Kyle calls the shots.

Now that both of their secrets are out of the bag, Kyle gets Trae a birthday present he won't soon forget - Latin stud Marcos Pirelli. The two brothers strip down and decide to enjoy the birthday present together by having a hot threeway with Marcos.
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