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It may sound like a dream job to some, but when star James Hawk lands a job as a casting agent at a porn production company, he finds that the temptations that surround him just may be enough to tempt from the straight team to the gay one.
And if the opening scene -- a steamy three-way between Treshawn Valentino, Brendon Williams, and Ryan Raz -- isn't enough, there's a lot more to come. For me, just watching the way Treshawn and Brendon dive on Ryan's taut, nubile body side by side makes me want to jump in the bed too. Ryan's dick is released from his striped briefs early on, and that's just the start of a big, wet, oral sequence that has the two studs in a suckjob daisy-chain followed by a hungry ass-eating buffet. The preliminaries lead to a tandem fuck with Ryan on the receiving end of first Treshawn's and then Brendon's thick erections. By the time the three have worked themselves to the point of no return, Ryan's body is damp with sweat and later even wetter with three big loads.
Hot-as-hell Nick Capra arrives on the scene next, reaming out blond dude Lars Svenson orally for not having enough stock, and then later reaming his ass out just for the fun of it. Before they get there, though, Nick forcefully kisses and face-fucks the stud. Fucking is even hotter, with Nick slamming Lars from behind while telling him to open wide. Just before the two shoot massive loads (Nick sprays into Lars' gaping mouth), Nick fucks Lars missionary on shipping cartons, possibly as a reminder that Lars still needs to do his job, even though he's a superior fuck.
By this time, James is ready for some man sex of his own, and luckily, Jackson Wild is there to provide help. Jackson is in a bathroom taking off his make-up, including false eyelashes, from a shoot when James arrives. But the makeup is no deterrent to James, who needs very little seduction before he's feeding Jackson his straight-boy cock. Jackson eats out James' high, tight ass, which is probably something a girl wouldn't do too, and then Jackson bends over to let James find out what a really tight hole feels like. Jackson takes it from behind and then rides James' dick, his huge meat flopping around with each up and down bounce. Jackson cums, and then watches as James strokes out a load.
The enormously gifted Ben Andrews uses his enormous gift on Tom D. Tom heroically downs Ben's pole in a show of complete oral dexterity, although he does actually have enough dick left over to use his hand at the same time. Ben is the only gay in gay porn who can get a blowjob and a handjob simultaneously. Ben licks Tom's pucker in preparation for what turns out to be an eye-popping fuck sequence, and although no amount of licking, fingering (or lube) can make it easy, Tom then takes Ben's massive cock like it's nothing, pushing his ass back on it and then rolling over to open up missionary for it. The views of this fuck are nothing short of astonishing, both for its stars performances and the ace camerawork by mr. Pam (who also directed). Tom blows huge while still impaled on Ben's pole, and Ben leans in for a taste of his load from his uncut cock. Then, while stroking his dick to climax, Ben continues to suck Tom, whose cock is still rock-hard. This is by far the most riveting scene here, and it is done to perfection by the cast and crew.
James returns for the final scene, perhaps to cement his newfound standing as a gay curious dude or perhaps just because twinkish Murphy Maxwell is cute as hell and totally fuckable. Murphy takes a huge dildo wielded by James after he downs James' dick like a pro. When Murphy's clothes come off his extensive tattoos are revealed, making him all the hotter a fuck toy. James has also picked up a thing or two hanging around the studio, like how to suck cock. He's just as adept when it comes to topping, rolling his hips forward when he thrusts and eliciting deep moans from Murphy while he does it. Murphy impales himself on James and rides his cock to a big spewing load, and James answers with a face full of man cream made just for Murphy.
And with that, another straight man is converted. Only a few billion left to go.

Scene 1: Ryan Raz, Treshawn Valentino, and Brendon Williams
Scene 2: Nick Capra and Lars Svenson
Scene 3: James Hawk and Jackson Wild
Scene 4: Ben Andrews and Tom D
Scene 5: James Hawk and Murphy Maxwell

Length: 2:04:23
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