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Treasure Island Media -Two Nights with Titpig-(Snake Bite) and Paul Morris's Basic Tit Training
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1. Basic Tit Training - The insatiable TITPIG plays with Mario (the bottom with beautiful eraser-sized nipples from RAW SHOTS). He gives Mario a first lesson in having orgasms through your tits. When Mario shoots, TITPIG laps it up. Then TITPIG gets paired up with a young, tough tattoo'd skinhead, Rick. Rick has done hard time (he was a boxer at San Quentin) but is a novice at tit-work. His first lessons at the hands of TITPIG are mindblowing. The ex-con becomes a puppy when TITPIG wakes up his virgin tits to the pleasures of sucking and nibbling. Rick is blown away by TITPIG's huge beautiful nipples, and nurses on them

2. Snake Bite - In this first of our series of tit-worship videos, Paul Morris teams the notorious TITPIG with muscle-daddy Chuck. The connection and energy between these two big muscular tit-obsessed men is as intense as it gets. The tit-play is hard and hot! Halfway through their session, TITPIG drags in another man — smooth, muscular, masked — and Daddy Chuck and TITPIG tit-torture the third guy until he shoots his hot load. This is serious, advanced-level nipple worship.

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