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Noel Alejandro - The End
Javier is an obsessed artist who is grieving the end of a relationship. His sorrow comes as a combination of memories, instinct and denial, and the mourning’s harsh feelings will compromise his sense of reality. Surrounded by doubt, and subjected to several addictions, Javier fights to find peace – until his lattermost move take him to a surrealistic emotional purgatory.

The absurdity in which Javier finds himself might be a way out of the pain, and his redemption to love and all endings. But first he needs to confront his demons and to take one last chance into the pleasures of the flesh.

Starring: Bishop Black and Pierre Emö.

Length: 21:37

Drector: Noel Alejandro completed his studies in Film and Television in 2008, and was then introduced to the world of indie erotic film by Erika Lust, one of the most prestigious directors in the genre. While working for Lust Productions and participating in several productions, Noel realized that it wasn’t only heterosexual porn that needed a new approach. Like Erika, he is striving to create something new: a gay adult film that dares to break all the rules and show something new and beautiful. After meeting the amazing couple Eloi and Biel in 2012, they embarked on their first production together.
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