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Deutschland 83 - Series 1 ( 2015 ) 720p mp4.Germany [English Subtitles]
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Deutschland 83 - Series 1 ( 2015 )

Martin Rauch is recruited by the HVA to infiltrate the West Germany army. As a rookie spy, his decisions constantly put his cover at risk and force his agency to take extreme measures

Creators: Anna Winger, Jörg Winger
Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
Release Date: 17 June 2015 (USA)
Also Known As: Deutschland!
Runtime: 42 min | 371 min (total run time)
Excellent Quality mp4
compatible for: apple.ipad,ipad2,ipad mini.
Stars: Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Ulrich Noethen

Set in a divided Germany in 1983, during a peak period for Cold War tensions between East and West. Martin Rauch, a wide-eyed 24-year-old East German soldier plucked from obscurity, goes undercover as a West German soldier for the East Germany Secret Service.

17 Jun. 2015 Quantum Jump S1, Ep1

Martin Rauch is recruited by the HVA. He is trained, receives a cover, Moritz Stamm, and moves to the West where he becomes a lieutenant in the West Germany army. When his cover might be compromised, extreme measures are taken.

Brave Guy S1, Ep2

24 Jun. 2015 Brave Guy
Martin is ordered to break into the hotel room of a high-ranking NATO official and steal a top-secret report.

Atlantic Lion S1, Ep3

1 Jul. 2015 Atlantic Lion
While at a NATO conference in Brussels, Moritz gets his first "Romeo" assignment: to seduce the head security analyst's secretary, Linda. General Edel and his new aid bond on a trip to Brussels to meet with the top brass. Lenora emerges to tell Moritz that his mother needs a kidney transplant. She takes his blood to see if he might be a match. Back in East Berlin, Annett moves in to take care of Ingrid, at Lenora's suggestion, and reveals that she is pregnant with Martin's baby. When Moritz reconnects with Linda, a secretary he met earlier in Bonn, he sleeps with her ...

Northern Wedding S1, Ep4

8 Jul. 2015 Northern Wedding
Martin's bug in Linda's desk is discovered by accident. Yvonne encounters Martin and Linda. Martin and Linda spend some quality time together, when he reveals his identity to her.

Cold Fire S1, Ep5
15 Jul. 2015 Cold Fire
Martin continues being careless about revealing his cover identity. Although he wants to quit, he changes his mind when his sick mother is helped by the Government.  

Brandy Station S1, Ep6

22 Jul. 2015 Brandy Station
When Moritz returns to his undercover life in West Germany he is drawn into Alex Edel's fatal plans. Recovering in a room at Charite, Moritz encounters Annett for the first time since he left. He wants to stay home now, she tells him to go West again. Much is left unsaid. She is now in with Schweppenstette, who visits him next and insists, in a tense, father-son coded argument, that Moritz return to his post. Meanwhile Alex Edel has taken General Jackson hostage and forced him, at gunpoint, to film a seething denouncement of US military plans in Western Europe. Lenora...

Bold Guard S1, Ep7

29 Jul. 2015 Bold Guard
When Martin receives a shocking order from East Germany, he quickly realizes that his concern about their paranoia has just been validated. Tensions reach a fever pitch as protests interrupt West German War Games that look like a preemptive nuclear strike to the East.

Able Archer S1, Ep8

5 Aug. 2015 Able Archer
Moritz returns to East Germany to stop his HVA superiors in their tracks. At HVA HQ, fear of a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the West has become a very real possibility, while in the West, the war game Able Archer reaches its peak. A fallen agent, Moritz is now persona non grata on both sides of the border. On his way back into the lion's den to confront the top brass at the HVA, he saves Yvonne from the clutches of Annett and the Stasi. Ingrid hunts down Schweppenstette to save Thomas from prison. And Alex confronts his own demons--about his sexuality, about ...

WINNER:  Series Mania 2015
WINNER:  Satellite Awards 2015
WINNER:  Golden Camera, Germany 2016
WINNER:  German Television Awards 2016
WINNER:  Adolf Grimme Awards, Germany 2016

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