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William Higgins - Mirek Madl - EROTIC SOLO
SoloMasturbationJacking OffJockWanked
Released May 2, 2019

It is always so good to see sexy str8 guy Mirek Madl. In this erotic video we find him kneeling on the sofa and running his hands all over his clothed body. He raises his tee shirt as he rubs that body. Then the tee shirt is removed to show off that sexy chest. Laying on the sofa Mirek runs his hands over his body and gropes through his jeans too. Opening the jeans his reaches inside to rub the cock. Then a helping hand arrives and pulls off Mirek's jean. Mirek grabs his cock and pulls on it as oil is dripped onto his chest. His cock is rock hard as that chest is coated in oil. The hands rub oil over Mirek's sitff cock and then starts to wank it too. The hairy balls are rubbed too as that cock is wanked. Mirek moves to lay back on the sofa with his legs in the air. That shows off his hairy ass and the hot hole. Oil is rubbed over that sexy ass. The hot hole looks so good as the ass is spread wide and the cock is wanked. A finger probes that hot hole and slips inside. As the finger works deep in Mirek's ass hole his stiff cock is wanked hard too. He turns over, onto his knees with his back arched to show off that hot ass some more. The hands rub the hairy cheeks and open them wider to show off the hot hole. A finger finds that hole again and fucks deep inside. Then is comes out and the hands rub all over the sexy ass. Mriek then stands and wanks himself as the hand massage his shoulder and reach around to rub over the sexy chest too. Mirek keeps rubbing his dick as the hands feel all over him. The helping hand then departs and leaves Mirek to wank his cock until it releases all his hot cum onto the floor. Then Mirek goes off to the shower to clean up.
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