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MormonBoyz - Bishop Gibson - Initiation (with Bishop Hart)
Bishop Gibson had seen many boys come through the Order. He enjoyed the feel and taste of their flesh, having brought manythrough to their ordination. He served the Order well over the years, having come into its ranks as a leader and purveyor of the horny missionaries, but he always felt he was missing out.

Whenever he was fucking one of the missionaries, he could see a look in their eyes that could almost be his own. He knew well their hunger and longing to be dominated, to be controlled, to be taken passionately by a handsome older man. Very few even knew how to articulate the thoughts their were having, naive to the ways of sex and power.

For Gibson, his experience cursed him with an awareness that he could never trade places with them–to be that boy receiving the cock and seed of a truly powerful man. His mission was typical and sexless, the experience most men his age would have gone through… never knowing what was possible through the Order.

Released: 6 July, 2018
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