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[NathanJustice] Breaking 21 Yr Old Underwear Model Chris HD
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After seeing Nathan working over Aiden Hart on Myfriendsfeet, stunningly gorgeous underwear model Chris revealed to Nathan his massive love for bondage and being a sub. What's great about this is that Chris's perfect, hard body and feet are extremely sensitive and he agrees to get strapped in and gagged for a very long, no-mercy punishment session as long as his face is moderately covered. Nathan agrees and spends almost 2 hours making Chris beg over and over using tickling, post-cum punishment, and e-stim. Chris easily cums twice under Nathan's focused attention and he even breaks the metal and leather restraints at one point. (Luckily, Nathan pins his arm and reties in down with another thick leather cuff.) This could easily be the hottest and most brutal tickling/post-orgasm punishment/e-stim series available today filled non-stop with Chris frantically begging for Nathan to stop, but he agreed ahead of time that wouldn't work, so... sorry Chris!!!! image
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