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Channel 1 (Rascal Video) - Wrong Side Of The Tracks Part 2
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Wrong Side Of The Track Part 2

Alex Rossi
Benjamin Bradley
Chad Savage
Damon DeMarco
Eddie Stone
Hunter James
Jacob Slader
Jake Deckard
Jan Fischer
Joey Jay
Johnny Hazzard
Kevin Brown
Luca DiCorso
Luke Strong
Marcus Iron
Pete Ross
Shane Rollins
Theo Blake
Tommy Ritter
Trevor Knight
Tyler Riggz
N Jase Banyon
N Miss Bradley
N Ross Cannon
N Sharon Kane

N=Non-sexual role

SEX. MONEY. LOVE. It Can Be a Deadly Combination.

After making a decision to leave his poor small town, leaving his boyfriend, his gang of thugs and stepfather behind, Johnny Hazzard makes his way to the big city to make a better life for himself. On the way he finds through a series of pitfalls that making his own way would not be as easy as he thought. Johnny soon learns that he can be taken advantage of as easily as he can hustle. After a dangerous event filled journey, Johnny runs into Chad Savage, a young man from the right side of the tracks. Johnny soon learns that LIFE'S problems and hassles don't care how much money you have. Chad's controlling father, conniving boyfriend and unhappy life forge the bond that ties these two young men together. Will this love be strong enough to survive?
Special Thanks to Deester for uploading the original DVD of this

Original: 08/05/2014 -matthewmancs
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