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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Petr Ugan and Gerasim Spartak RAW - DUTY BOUND
Petr Ugan is caged and shackled, at the mercy of Gerasim Spartak. Gerasim reaches into the cage to feel and grope Petr. He pulls Petr's hands through to feel his bulging pants. Then Gerasim's rock hard dick is pulled out for those hands to wank on. He removes Petr's gag and shoves his dick through the bars for sucking. Petr sucks the cock and licks at Gerasim's tight balls. Gerasim slaps the face and shoves his dick in the open mouth to fuck a little. He fucks the mouth hard and makes Petr kiss the balls too. Then Petr is released from the cage and stripped naked, to be bent over and fucked. Gerasim's throbbing cock goes deep into the waiting ass, fucking hard and fast. He spanks Petr's ass too as he fucks hard. Then he pulls out and has Petr suck his dick again. Gerasim fucks the face so hard and then Petr licks up and down the fat shaft and licks the balls too as Gerasim grabs him by the hair. He pulls Petr onto his cock for hard sucking. Then Petr lays on his back, legs up and wanks himself as Gerasim pounds his hot ass deep and hard. That big cock bangs deep into Petr's ass as he pulls on his own cock. Then Petr is put back in the cage and he sucks Gerasim's cock as it is fucked into his mouth, thought the bars. Gerasim then wanks his dick and shoot the creamy cum all over Petr's mouth, He rubs that hot cum all over the mouth as Petr's tongue licks his lips to taste the hot load.

Released: 2 November, 2018
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