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Big Brother (2017) Titan
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
4 scenes, 1080p, Titan watermark

director Jasun Mark

Daymin Voss
Jason Vario
Jesse Jackman
Julian Knowles
Liam Knox
Lorenzo Flexx
Luke Adams (us)
Tristan Jaxx

Need a spot? Some muscles for manual labor? A lesson in home improvement? Your Big Brother is always there with a strong helping hand. Get your guy time in with TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Jesse Jackman and Liam Knox, who bring male bonding to a new level. Tristan Jaxx arrives to pick up Luke Adams for some gym time, but gets distracted by the jockstrapped stud’s impressive assets. Daymin Voss oversleeps—but still manages to get his workout in when bud Jason Vario wakes him up for some personal training with a heavy weight. The sweat builds for landscapers Jesse Jackman and Julian Knowles, who cool off in the pool before things heat up again as their woodwork gets harder. Apprentice Lorenzo Flexx gets a jolt from electrician Liam Knox, who gives the bright-eyed, blue-collar stud some special instruction with his unit.

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4 Big Brother - Liam Knox, Lorenzo Flexx.mp4
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