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Maverick - Buckskin Bo'sun USN (1970) DVD
vintagebarebackpre-condomanaloralgeneral hardcoreuniforms
director Sven Bergman

Ben Benson
Bob Saputo
Dan Newman
Danny Jackson
Gary Scott
George Savage
Innis Sinclair
Jim O'Hara
Ken Dill
Ken Weise
Kurt Koenig
Mack McDonald
Neal Cagle
R. Luben
R. Steele
Roger Chafee
Vance Long
Ross Judd

A country cowboy joins the navy to see the wold but joins a world of action beyond his wildest dream. You'll never keep him down on the farm after he's seen the surfers, the sailors, the leather, and the leathernecks.


Title misspelled Bo'sum on cover.

Uploader's Note: this does seem to be a legitimate DVD, with a menu and chapter selection, though I can't find any information about who released it. It might be a homemade job. The movie itself is not restored in any way.

Original upload: 31/05/2013 -matthewmancs
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