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Catalina Video- Preppy Summer (1985) (Laguna Pacific LTD)
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Rex Donahue and Lee Mann are two of the 1980's studs that helped shape the face of porn.  This Pre-condom feature by legendary Director William Higgins is filled with scene after scene of beautiful boys doing what they do best.  A timeless classic about clean cut California Boys with nothing but filth on their minds.


Ken Kerns and Tim Richards are splashing in the pool. Larry Richards jacks off while watching the pair from a window. The action moves inside for a free for all three-way.
They move upstairs and have a 3-way.
Mark Kline, Joe Craig, and David Calvin in a garage.
Rex Donahue and Lee Mann in a restaurant with Lee as a waiter, picking his customer up.
Ken Kerns, Paul Gibson, Dane Ford all in a 3-way in the bedroom.
Larry Richards, Joe Craig, Ken Kerns and Perry Field in a 4-way in the pool.

Starring Ken Kerns, Tim Richards, Larry Richards, Rex Donahue, David Calvin, Joe Craig, Perri Field, Mark Kline, Dane Ford, Lee Mann, and Mike Gibson.

A William Higgins Pre-Condom Classic on DVD from Catalina!

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Y

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