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William Higgins - Wank Party #105 RAW - BACKSTAGE
A few months back we had a lovely Wank Party, #105, with Hugo Antonin, Leo Lombar, Roman Baren and Pavel Sora. Now we can present a very nice backstage video of that scene. In the video we are able to see the guys relaxing as they smoke their cigarettes before filming, and as they get set up to start the scene. As they interact with the crew and each other we can enjoy some hot sucking from Hugo and Pavel before they are joined by the others. The guys have to go in and out, as directed to make sure they get things right. They stop to take photos too as the scene progresses,with lots of chat and laughter. Wiith lots of chat and interaction and much hot sexy we are able see how the scene was created. It ends, as ever with the cumshots too.

Released: 12 July, 2019

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