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Collin O'Neal Productions - World of Men - São Paulo
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Anyone who knows about hot men knows about Brazil and Collin O'Neal is no fool. In his latest installment of men from around the world, Collin travels to the heart of the sexual world and brings back action that dreams are made of. Starting in metropolitan Sao Paulo with a stop over in Rio and onto the incredible falls of Iguaçu, this movie shows us with precision the beauty and sexuality of Brazilian men. In his groundbreaking style, Collin brings male sexuality to its peak with an in-depth view into the world of Brazilian man on man sex.

1. São Paulo  
André Santos, Junior Panavelo
Junior is a huge dark muscle man that is all sweaty from just working out. He goes to the locker room to change. As Junior is changing, curious Andre enters the locker room and starts having thoughts of hot dirty muscle hunk sex. Junior is all horned up and likes to play with defined boys, especially in the locker room. As they both begin to change, the exchange begins in glances but soon Junior pulls off his tight sweats to reveal his thick uncut dick, hard and ready for action. Andre proceeds to worship this newly uncovered muscle. Junior then flips Andre over to play with his smooth tight boy ass. Andre becomes so excited his huge cock getsrock hard and is ready to be played with. Junior finally bends Andre over one of the benches and pounds his tight hole doggy-style. Junior is massive and he pumps Andre with every muscle flexing and his cock enjoying the ride. Finally Andre decides he wants to take control of the situation and sits Junior down on a bench in order to ride and fuck himself on Junior’s hot cock until he explodes. Andre then gets on the floor to beg for Junior’s cum and he obliges by shooting all over Andre and the floor.

2. Collin O'Neal, Tiago, David
What’s better than three men in a hot-tub? How about two Brazilian men and Collin O’Neal? Tiago is a dark skinned young man with a cock that goes on and on. At the ripe age of 22 he has followed his cock into a room filled with two more men. Tiago begins by sitting back and watching with his hands on his big dick. David is in the tub giving head to Collin’s big dick and getting himself ready for a pounding. Three cocks and a lot of saliva fill the screen as these three men exchange blows and kisses. Tiago’s huge dick demands attention from both Collin and David. When David bends over, Tiago spreads his ass for Collin’s tongue.Soon David is bent over with Collin’s hard wood up his butt. Collin pounds away on one end and sucks off Tiago up above. At one point Tiago has one leg up on David’s back with his big, swinging dick offering itself up to Collin’s mouth. Tiago watches the too men fuck and blows his load all over David’s back. Collin is next. He fucks David until he can’t take it anymore, pulls out and shoots with David soon to follow.

3. Rio (O’Neil)  
Alexandre Senna, Renzo Dicaprio
The bars in Rio are notorious for action. Tall, dark and muscular Renzo wanders into the empty bar of a popular Rio sauna to find Alexandre cleaning up for the night. Renzo and Alexandre exchange glances from across the bar until Renzo finally beckons Alexandre to cross the bar, which he does enthusiastically. Alexandre quickly begins to worship Renzo’s tight muscular body up and down. Renzo then begins to verbally and physically force Alexandre down on his huge, dark, uncut piece. Renzo tosses Alexandre over a barstool, pull his pants down, and then starts to slap and play with Alexandre’s big muscular ass. Alexandre gets so excited that he starts to slap and finger his own ass, letting Renzo know he is ready to be plowed by a fat hard cock. Renzo fucks Alxandre over the barstool, pounding away. Alexandre wants Renzo’s dick from another angle so they climb on top of the bar. Renzo pounds Alexandre until he cums, then Renzo pulls out and shoots his load all over Alexandre.

4. Iguaçú  
Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin
On the Argentinian border there is a place called Iguacu Falls. Lucky for us, Pedro and Daniel have decided to visit the falls and give us a show. Pedro and Daniel are one of the hottest muscle couples to hit the porn scene in years. These big muscle gods need to escape the crazy city life of Sao Paulo for a weekend and head to the beautiful falls. The scene starts out with the boys wandering around enjoying the natural beauty and stealing kisses when no tourists or park rangers are around. The boys retire to their hotel room to rest and more. Pedro and Daniel begin to passionately kiss and grope each other. They both worship each other’s perfectly chiseled bodies and then Pedro whips out his thick uncut dick for Daniel to taste. Pedro then reaches over to play with Daniel’s huge muscular ass in preparation for what is to come. After exchanging blowjobs Pedro finally beckons Daniel’s ass to his drooling mouth for some hot ass play. Daniel gets so excited that he nearly begs for Pedro’s fat uncut cock to be shoved up his perfect tight hole. Pedro fucks Daniel like an animal and then slows it down to make love to his boyfriend and kisses him softly. Finally Daniel is ready to have the cum pounded out of him and Pedro is more than happy to give his boyfriend that pleasure. Daniel cums all over his muscular abs and then Pedro pulls out and shoots all over Daniel’s chest before leaning over and giving his beautiful man a passionate kiss.
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