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Boys on Film 3: American Boy (2009) PAL DVD9
TeenageComing of AgeGay SexNudityBullyingHookupsCruisingSexual AwakeningHomophobiaTeen AngstUnrequited LoveBrothersBOFComing OutGay CrushRent BoyOlder ClientsAdolescenceInternalisedStruggleSexualityElitePrivate SchoolMasturbationOral SexAnal Sex

Boys on Film 3: American Boy

DVD - Peccadillo Pictures

"a timely reminder of our special relationship with the American empire" --GT

"the cream of the crop in contemporary short filmmaking"

"there's something for everyone" --Boyz

"packed with muscled yanks in various states of undress... just buy it now" --QX

Dare (USA)
Dir. Adam Salky
Starring Adam Fleming, Michael Cassidy
This is a short and sweet film which has a great potential of being made into a feature length film. Ben is smitten by college jock Johnny. During one of the rehearsals, Ben offers to help Johnny to remember his lines. The rehearsal takes place poolside at Johnny's home - with refreshments courtesy of abandoned champagne from a recent party of his parents'. As they drink, run lines and chat their relationship develops and they share one secret with each other. Ben never having kissed anyone and Johnny never having been blown. Ben dares him and blows him but suddenly the other friends come. Johnny freaks out and gets out of the pool but in the end just gives a smile to Ben (indicating he loved what just happened) and thats it.

In The Closet (USA)
Dir. Jody Wheeler
Starring J.T. Tepnapa, Sean Paul Lockhart (as Brent Corrigan)
On a night almost like any other, a shy, awkward young man has his first ever sexual encounter with an older, experienced, but a bit jaded, trick. Unlike other nights, unlike other dark and odd evenings, this time passion is shared, souls are exposed and secrets are ultimately revealed but at a cost. You see, sometimes, in order for someone to come out, someone else must go in.

Area X (USA)
Dir. Dennis Shinners
Starring Joseph De Santis, Anthony Galluccio, Antony Raymond, Matt Schuneman
The boy's father unexpectedly picks up his son, sets him up with a hooker with 200 dollars but he is gay and so he runs away. These are just a few of the bizarre events that Paul recounts to Marco, a seductive hustler he meets in a dicey bar on a hidden street underneath New York City's infamous Port Authority Bus Terminal, also known as 'Area X'. Its too late when he realizes that the hustler actually look all his money.

The Young and Evil (USA)
Dir. Julian Breece
Starring Vaughn Lowery, Mark Berry
Film follows the zero-to-60 path of Karel, a young African-American who is determined to seduce an older man, an HIV prevention advocate, into giving him the virus. The oft-taboo issues of having gay sex but not using protection are amplified by taking place in the African-American community.

Dish (USA)
Dir. Brian Krinsky
Starring Matthew Monge, Jeff Martin, Octavio Altamirano
Kids Israel and Louie walk around their East Los Angeles neighborhood dishing about their high school classmates. After listening to Louie boast about his sexual escapades, Israel decides he has some catching up to do with a guy that he likes but it doesn't turn out what he expected.

Bugcrush (USA)
Dir. Carter Smith
Starring Josh Caras, Donald Cumming
It's about this gay high school kid who's attracted to a new kid in the school. The new kid is tall, smokes and is in good shape. The new kid invites him to his house (in the middle of nowhere) one night and thinks just turn dark and ugly.

Astoria, Queens (USA)
Dir. Kyle Coker
Starring Aaron Michael Davies, James Heffron
I loved this short film. It was saucy and fun. 4 Kansas City twentysomething misfits navigate their new lives in the Emerald City of New York. Newly single Thom, our Dorothy, discovers NYC in a second 'coming out party'. Jimboy, the brainless Scarecrow, wants to become the first gay white rap superstar. Anisha, the workaholic Tinman, searches for a heart and Callie, a whiskey drinking Cowardly Lion, lacks the courage to make it as an actress. Beautiful.

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