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Buck Angel Entertainment - Buckback Mountain (MP4)
This extraordinary release stars Buck Angel, "The Man with a Pussy," who made history at the 2007 AVN awards show as the first Female-to-Male transsexual (FTM) pornstar to win Transsexual Performer of the Year. Angel is receiving massive attention spanning from the unique base of male and female fans of his specialty niche, to mainstream international acclaim.

Filmed in the California desert with production values akin to a feature film, Buckback Mountain is set to make history. Mylo Deren, Lobo, and Sean Steele co-star as Buck's trio of hot cowboys scratching their itch under the hot sun. Directed and edited by award-winning gay editor, Lawrence Roberts, the film features an original score by Jer Ber Jones, and an original song by Dudley Saunders.

"My decision to make this film was at the urging of my close friends. They love my work but thought that it would be even better for me to create something more like a real Hollywood film. Of course, the first thing that came to mind for me was Brokeback Mountain. That movie was such a huge success that I thought my fans would love to see me in a total gay cowboy fuck fest. So Buckback Mountain was born!"

"This is the film that is going to complete my transition from niche performer to mainstream adult star," Buck continues. "I wanted everything to be perfect, from the exotic locale to the hot male lead actors. Who doesn't love gay cowboys? I worked out like a fiend before filming so that my body would be as muscular and cut as possible, because I knew that this was going to be the film that everyone wants to see. I am excited that it's finally coming out!"

Cast:  Buck Angel, Lobo, Mylo Deren, Sean Steele

Director:  Lawrence Roberts
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