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BelamiOnline - Colombian Tapas backstage part4 810p mp4
Today we are back in Colombia for the 4th part of our documentary series. As you may have noticed, there are few things that common to all of our overseas trips. These include suntans (or lack there of) and haircuts (also or lack there of) and this time it is no exception. Always worried that the hairdresser may make an irreparable mess of the boys hair, Joaquin send them of today with the instruction of 'just take a little off, not too much' unfortunately this time, they took it a bit too literally and the boys return looking exactly the same as they did before hand. Don't worry though, it is nothing that a 2nd trip to the stylist won't fix!. The main theme of today's installment though is a trip to the beach with the whole group where Helmut and Jerome find out that Colombian life guards seem to think that beer and swimming don't mix...
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