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Hard Wood (2010) Colt DVD
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director John Rutherford

Brenden Cage
Dominic Valentine
Ethan Hudson
Gabriel Lenfant
John Sebastian (10s)
Marc Vallint
Marko Lebeau
Mike Matters

Award-winning director John Rutherford guides you deep into the back woods, to a hidden cabin get-away where manly lust awaits. It's a place where a man can strip away his clothes and be at one with nature, a place to get in-touch with his deepest primal urges. In this wild and remote setting the men of Hard Wood roam naked and free. Rugged, wild and always on the prowl, they have a sexual hunger than can only be satisfied in the wild. Hear nature's call. Lose yourself in the wilderness of Hard Wood.

1. Brenden Cage, Dominic Valentine

2. Ethan Hudson, Marc Vallint

3. Marko Lebeau solo

4. John Sebastian (10s) solo, Mike Matters solo

5. Brenden Cage, Gabriel Lenfant
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