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Kristen Bjorn - THE ISLE OF MEN (18 of the world's hottest men)
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It has been a few years since Bjorn has contributed anything brand spankin' new to the world of porn. Not that he has been out of the lexicon. In fact, if you read this column or visit our Web site, you are apt to run into references to him. Most any movie featuring a non-American cast is ripe for comparison to His Majesty, Bjorn. Let's just say right here and right now that there is absolutely no comparing!
If there can be any complaint about Bjorn flicks, it might be that they are very similar to one another. So what? When you have something that is so close - we are talking this close - to perfection, why fuck with it? At any rate, rabid Bjorn viewers will surely recognize some of the 18 (!) faces (and fat, uncut cocks) featured in this cast. Mark Anthony is a fan favorite, and his waspy good looks are accentuated here when he is paired with two gorgeous, dark Lotharios. Bjorn has assembled a group of guys in four exotic locales (Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas), using the common denominator that the spots are all islands and that these men have all been put here for our collective pleasures.
As usual, the gents are not only perfect physical specimens with giant appendages, they are also all total and complete workhorses. These guys cum and cum and cum and then cum some more. They make their entire performances look not only passionate and wonderful but effortless too. The cast seems to have a collective sexual appetite that would put any of us horndogs to shame.
Like most of his other films, this one hasn't much story but is rather a series of lusty loops strung together with breathtaking shots of exotic locales. Most of the vignettes involve several guys and begin with public cruising. Once the men make eye contact on the street, they follow one another to an empty room and have at it.
One amazing sex scene begins with Juan Jimenez, a delicious looking Latin lover, finding a playmate (Lazaro Carerra) on an empty village street. The two retire to a second floor apartment and eagerly kiss and stroke another. It is only after they have their huge, uncut cocks out that the stranger notices that they are being watched by Daniel Rivero, a slightly older, more masculine man. Jimenez quickly tells his Daddy that he has brought Carrera home and "warmed him up" for him. The scene, like the others, simply sizzles - the guys go after one another with equal aplomb and verve. These guys pretty much devour one another - the fucking and sucking seems to go on forever and include more than a few great cum shots. In fact, these guys eat their own cum too - yum!
Eric Leneau and Luis Clemente are gymnasts turning handsprings on a beach and being watched by Christopher Collins, who is quite yummy! Soon he is imagining kneeling in front of them and pulling down their Speedos to reveal a pair of gorgeous, fat, uncut dicks. After sucking them both and taking their gooey loads on his pretty unshaven face Collins positions them atop a counter, facing a mirror. As he fucks one, he fingers the other, all the while the three men's eyes meet in the mirror. After fucking one for a bit, Collins pulls out and enters the other - very sexy stuff to be sure!
Other scenes include a fiery three-way featuring Antonio Armani and Arpad Miklos as bikers, complete with spandex. After a cheesy accident, they get their injuries checked out by a cigar-chomping local who quickly peals the spandex off of the riders' chiseled legs. Bjorn uses a crazy time-lapse photography trick (remember those films of plants growing when you were in third grade?) to show the bikers' dicks growing, growing, growing. After some great deep kissing and deep throating, these guys perform a spicy fuck train in the apartment archway ­ the middle guy, with his big cock in his buddy and his other buddy's bigger cock in his greedy hole, controls the entire fuck session by rocking backward and forward while his friends stand perfectly still and let him do all the work!
Dan Dirk, Ivan Cseska, and Armani star as three Navy men, complete with white uniform and captain's hats. They get into really steamy action with Dirk accepting both guys huge ramrods into his willing hole at the same time. The setup is really well done, with Dirk first receiving one giant cock, then the cock with a finger, then with two and then three fingers. By the time he is being penetrated by both big dicks, his chute is wide open and ready to receive - the top guys are able to actually fuck him hard, in and out, both at the same time. This is no lame ass double penetration where some dude is stuffed quickly with two cocks and then the scene ends - here there is actual fucking going on! Again, there is some cum eating before the scene ends.
It really isn't that necessary to break down each of the scenes included, as they are all winners. In fact, it is important to point out that each scene sizzles hotter than the last. The movie is very lengthy, and not a second is wasted. Each scene is extended, adding sense of realism to the sex that is often lacking in porn. Just as you think the scene is winding down, it just heats right back up again! Talk about getting more bang for your buck! Included is the really hot double penetration, the scorching doorway fuck train (a Bjorn trademark!), guys eating up their own loads off of their partners, hot bods, facials, look-ma-no-hands cumshots (yet another of Bjorn,s calling cards!), etc.
The DVD release of this feature includes a really cool motion menu and a slide show of hot stills and publicity shots of the performers. However, there aren't any other cool extras, not even any previews for Bjorn's other opuses. Anyway you slice it, this flick is well worth the cost. In fact, it would be worth twice the price, and you know it!  

Cast:  Alexandros Aris  Antonio Armani  Arpad Miklos  Christopher Collins  Dan Dirk
Daniel Rivero  Eric Leneau  Iván Andros  Ivan Cseska  Jose Luis Vazquez  Juan Jimenez
Lazaro Carrera  Lucas Magalhaes  Luis Clemente  Mario de Lazarius  Mark Anthony
Pietro Rosselli  Tony Lazzari

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