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Raging Stallion - Monster Bang - High Voltage
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Cast: Chris Tyler, Charlie Harding, Marc Dylan, Derek Parker, Erik Rhodes, Fabio Stallone, Lawson Kane, Trenton Ducati

As always, Monster Bang serves up the biggest dicks in the world of gay porn, but in High Voltage the studio amps up the energy and gives you pure electricity with one of the line’s hottest casts ever. With Exclusives Erik Rhodes, Derek Parker and Charlie Harding, as well as favorites Trenton Ducati, Marc Dylan, Chris Tyler, Lawson Kane and Fabio Stallone, this lightening hot release features big, beefy, meaty, sexy stud after stud engaging in unrestrained, huge-cocked man sex. Director Steve Cruz has all circuits maxed out and delivers four super-charged scenes that will have you shooting - sparks!

Trenton Ducati and Marc Dylan belly up to each other and kiss. The sexual charge between the two studs is positive and immediate. Marc jerks Trenton's cock and then sucks on it excitedly. Increasingly stimulated, Trenton rips Marc's boxers off and begins to rim his ass, slapping his ass as he tongue-fucks the hole. Chills race up and down Marc's spine as he feels his cock, balls and ass used as an electric field for Trenton's tongue to explore. The men begin fucking, first doggie-style and then with Marc lying on his back. He wiggles with pleasure, stretching his legs wide apart to entice his partner to plug him up even more. Ready to blow their fuses, they stroke their rods furiously. Trenton stands over his buddy and cums all over him. And Marc quickly follows suit, shooting his wad across his stomach. Spent and exhausted, they kiss a bit before Trenton licks the sweat and spooge off Marc's abs and cock.

Erik Rhodes is a wonder whose impressive physique demands attention. Luckily Derek Parker is on hand to pay homage. Drawn to each other by their electromagnetic and sexual compatibility, the two men kiss. Derek kneels between Erik's legs and sucks his cock. Every slurp up and down the meaty, lengthy pole delivers a sensuous shock that Erik enjoys as he sits back feeling so good. Derek lies down and Erik tops him so their naked bodies are pressed together. The big man kisses his buddy all over before he begins swallowing him, doing a thorough job on the engorged cock by tonguing the sensitive underside of the shaft, then swallowing it whole all the way down to its base. Derek flips over and props his ass up so Erik can rim his hole. Then he fucks him up the ass; and they continue with Derek on his back with his legs up and resting on Erik's broad shoulders. The men finish by jacking themselves off and then take turns aiming their dicks into each other's mouth and shooting their creamy loads.

Anxious for a high voltage hook-up, Fabio Stallone is quick to interface with hunky Lawson Kane. The stocky stallion tweaks his partner's tits as they kiss and grope with little resistance. Lawson sucks Fabio's thick uncut cock, letting his lips tug on the fleshy excess capping the mushroom tip. They suck face again and then Fabio goes down to gobble up and deep throat his buddy's humongous dick. Lawson realigns himself behind his bearded hunk and then quickly inserts his tongue into Fabio's hole. A sexual charge courses through them both. Fabio then rides Lawson's cock while sitting snug in his lap; his own swollen dick swings wildly as he bounces up and down. They continue fucking as Lawson stands behind driving his cock deep inside Fabio's asshole. Lawson pulls out and jacks off until he shoots, and Fabio jerks off and showers Lawson's mug with his jizz.

Charlie Harding and Chris Tyler are feeling electric and kiss with a lot of playful aggression. Charlie's a bit rough as he manhandles his younger partner, pinching his nipples, punching his pecs. Chris guzzles down Charlie's thick dick, impressing the big man with his oral skills. But Charlie pulls out all his tricks to show Chris an energized cocksucking session. He works on Chris' uncut tool, playing with the foreskin by chewing and tugging on it with his teeth. He gnaws on his balls and then rims his asshole. Charlie's expertise and experience has Chris howling with pleasure and begging for more. Then using Charlie's erection as his own personal pleasure conductor, Chris climbs aboard and rides. After fucking faster and harder, Chris asks his man if he's ready for his cum, and he shoots his load into Charlie's mouth. Then he grabs Charlie's big balls and massages them as the big man jerks himself off hard to an explosive and milky finish.

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