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USA Jock - Desperate Holes
Video: 854x480 MKV

   Running time: 02:00:15

   Released: 2014

   Studio: USA Jock

   Stars: Bo Banger, Butch Bloom, Chad Brock, Dylan Hyde, James Roscoe, Kamrun, Matt Sizemore, Santiago Rodriguez, Sebastian Rio, Tober Brandt


   There are never enough tops out there to please a world full of bottoms, so those who don’t get filled become Desperate Holes and will take any raw cock and load just to get their slut holes satisfied. Watch these slut bottoms search desperately for hot loads and sniff out the biggest cocks out there!

   -Bo Banger Bangs Santiago Rodriguez

   When Santiago Rodriguez entered the bedroom, Bo Banger was laying in the bed with all of his hot tats ready to rape Santiago’s hole and breed it. The two were similar in height and Bo’s hot cock was ready for his hole. Santiago seemed eager to please Bo by sucking his cock and nipples, doing whatever it took to milk that hot load from from his full balls.

   Santiago’s hole got filled to the brim and bred. Like a good boy he cleaned Bo’s cock right up. Santiago Rodriguez jerked his cock while Bo’s cock touched the back of his throat. Santiago couldn’t take it anymore a shot a huge load.

   Like a hot hairy hole? Wanna see it get barebacked? Butch Bloom wanted to show me his topping skills so I put him with bareback hairy bottom James Roscoe. These two were like little puppies jumping around all over the place shoving their cocks in each other holes.

   -James Roscoe Gives it up to Butch Bloom

   It was wild! They started making out with heavy kissing and lots of tongue then before you knew it Butch was sliding his boy cock into James’ hairy hole and started ramming it in deep making sure he felt every inch of it. In fact it was so hot a scene Butch almost came seeded his slut hole twice!

   Standing on scaffolding, Sebastian lets his fat uncut Latino cock fall into the waiting mouth of Matt Sizemore. He slowly starts pumping his face and watching his cock go in and out of his mouth and down this throat like a hungry bitch.

   -Matt Sizemore Gets Fucked by Sebastian`s Huge Cock! PAYBACK!

   But don’t think Sebastian’s mouth was not watering for Matt’s huge cock either. Sebastian jumps down and goes to town on Matt’s fuck stick like he hadn’t seen cock in years! But what Sebastian really wanted was to start pounding Matt’s slut hole so he bend him over the scaffolding and went to town treating him like a one night whore and pounding the shit out of him teaching how to take Latino cock and cum!

   Payback can be a bitch. So don’t be a bitch! Was the last scene of the week and Chad Brock had his turn on Kamrun’s PHAT ass and was gonna teach him a lesson after he had to take his black cock earlier in the week.

   -Suck Black Cock, Chad Brock! (ft. Kamrun)

   Chad let’s Kamrun service his hairy daddy cock nice and slowly before he turns him over on his stomach and eats out that sweet dark hole. Once all wet Chad slides his cock up that hole bareback and starts pumping some daddy juice into it to lube it up more. Then he takes him over to the sling and really goes to town on that hole. Who’s your daddy now eh?

   Big hairy muscle man Tober Brandt comes back to fuck my hung boy Dylan Hyde. But Tober shows no mercy on this boy’s holes and starts by making him gag on his thick man meat.

   -Dylan Hyde Services Tober Brandt

   He shoves the back of his head down on his cock and gets Dylan to tear up and get his cock all sloppy and wet and Tober returns the favor and eats out Dylan’s ass getting it all wet. He then bends him over the chair and slides his cock up that boy hole bareback and starts power fucking his slut hole deep. Doesn’t take long to figure out his hole as been just fucked but that turns Tober on even more and just really gives it to him including his load!
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