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ManUpFilms - Ruckus vs Super Draven Part 1
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Date Added: December 1, 2018

Starring Ruckus & Draven Navarro

Ruckus VS Super Draven Part 1
Evil Ruckus is at home doing villain stuff. Specifically, he’s making a list of evil stuff to do when Super Draven confronts him. Super Draven is a very powerful hero with super human strength. He confidently grabs Ruckus and slams him against a wall.
Ruckus pulls out a magic pocket watch which he can use to hypnotize even the strongest heroes. Super Draven tries to resist, but he’s quickly subdued by the villain’s suggestions.
First Ruckus tests his power by making Super Draven stand on one foot and act like a puppy. He snaps the hero in and out so he can really feel the power. Ruckus tells Super Draven that every time he hears “Cock Sucker” he’ll immediately suck the nearest cock to him.
Ruckus enjoys a sloppy blow job from the hero, snapping him in and out while he’s on his knees with a mouth full of big dick. Finally he cums in his mouth then snaps Super Draven out so he is aware and conscious his mouth full of the villain’s cum.
He sends the hero away after he gives him one final suggestion.
To be continued…
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