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Sean Cody 1475 Alexander and Christian Bareback 540p
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“You guys look like you belong to the same frat,” I said jokingly.

Alexander and Christian had already started to bond and they were having a great time comparing stories.

“Yeah, I was varsity,” Christian said. “I wrestled a little bit!”

“No way! Me too!” Alexander added.

“Did you like to start as the top or bottom?” Christian said, winking at Alexander.

“We’re still talking about wrestling, right?”

“I think so!”

“You guys know that you don’t to have flirt,” I said. “It’s pretty much a sure thing, you know!”

They looked at each other and laughed.

“Oh, I know,” Alexander said. “But you need a little bromance to set the mood!”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Christian said, rubbing Alexander’s chest. “Let’s fuck!”

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