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Falcon Anthology Series - The Best Of Tom Chase
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Falcon Legend Tom Chase's nine best scenes are finally available on one DVD.

1. Jeff Austin, Tom Chase
In the California backwoods, Tom Chase is on the prowl for some hot action. He spies the form of young, athletic Jeff Austin beneath the forest canopy. Tom approaches the blonde and embraces him in a lip lock that has Jeff begging for more than tongue. Gliding down Tom's chest, Jeff makes his way down to Tom's enormous beautiful cock...struggling to take Tom all the way. Tom encourages Jeff, thrusting deeply into his throat. Jeff moves on to Tom's hole....stimulating and soothing with his tongue and stretching with his fingers. Tom can't hold back. He turns Jeff over and buries his tool deep in Jeff's butt...pounding his ass until finally both men erupt in orgasm, cooling the heat of their desire.

2. Jordan Young, Tom Chase
Jordan Young gives Tom Chase some personal attention at the tanning salon. Tom takes full advantage of Jordan's aim to please.

3. Tom Chase, Adriano Marquez
Logan Reed is led blindfolded into the back yard, where Tom Chase and Adriano Marquez are already hard in action. Like predatory stags, daring and sizing each other up, trying to figure out who should master whom, the two men prod each other into heavy foreplay. Adriano hungrily sucks Tom’s huge cock, swallowing the engorged tool in its entirety. The men tease each other, slapping, spitting, pounding, creating a tension too hot to ignore. First on the hammock, then holding a tree. Adriano gets the fucking of his life by Tom who slams and shimmies his fat dick up Adriano’s hole. Looking directly into his eyes, Tom sends Adriano into a delirious state of bliss, controlling the rhythm of his breathing, the rhythm of the sex play, until neither man can stand it. They both explode spurting jets of cum as Logan enjoys the show, jacking his fat cock.

4. Tony Idol, Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Chris Berrara
Coaches Tom Chase and Mike Branson help injured player Tony Idol into the locker room. Erotic exercise is the best medicine for this aching athlete. Tom coaxes Chris Berrara over and the lusty studs begin. The four indulge themselves in a cock-ball-ass feast, tonguing, fingering, licking, spitting, slobbering over one another, smothering each other in muscles and sweaty sex. Tom eagerly rims Tony's hole while Tony swallows Mike's engorged dick. One by one this horny quartet work themselves into a frenzy and shoot their loads.

5. Matthew Anders, Tom Chase
Seven years later, Matt is back where he belongs—with Tom, the true love of his life. Time has not diminished their ardor, rather it has only strengthened their bond. Rediscovering themselves, the lovers frolic in the surf, playing in the sand, walking hand in hand. They seal their love with a kiss in the surf, while in the background a cathedral of waterfall and rocks reflects their passion. Matt devotedly sucks Tom’s huge cock drawing every rock-hard inch deep into his throat. The two transmit their undiminished love to each other with long looks; their passion steamy and sensuous. Tom lovingly takes Matthew’s cock into his mouth, then meanders to his hole, massaging and priming it for a full session of fucking. They make up for lost time as Tom pumps Matthew full with his huge dick, each stroke throbbing with pleasure and passion. They stroke off and finally explode, releasing their essence. Still basking in the afterglow, they sit alone on the beach, as the waves serenade them.

6. Tom Chase, Kevin Williams
Fans of each other’s work, Tom Chase and Kevin Williams work out a deal in the pool: Williams gets to see Chase’s giant dick, and Chase gets a crack at Williams’ ass. It’s a match made in heaven that pairs the total top with the power bottom.

7. Tom Chase, Jeff Palmer, Kristian Brooks
Tops Tom Chase and Jeff Palmer have blond bottom boy Kristian Brooks relaxing in a sling. They work both ends of the submissive slave...first Tom feeds Kristian his cock as Jeff plays with his ass...then the two tops switch places and Tom plants his cock deep in Kristian's ass while Jeff muffles Kristian's moans with his cock. The work this sling bound stud over good before finally unleashing their loads.

8. Tom Chase, Troy Masters, Tony Cameron, Aaron Wells, Nick Mancini
Tom Chase, Troy Masters, Tony Cameron, Aaron Wells and Nick Mancini recline poolside, their cocks warm with playful desire. Nick offers his oral services to the group, sucking a succession of stiff cocks deep into his throat. Soon the men want more, and once Nick's hole has been probed, softened, and opened, they fill him with their respective tools…each taking his turn until Nick cannot control himself any longer—losing his load. One by one, the lusty team splatters Nick with thick ropes of satisfaction, bringing an end to another backwoods adventure.

9. Tom Chase, Mike Branson
The one you’ve been waiting for: Falcon legend Tom Chase bottoming for the first time on camera, with the super big, super thick cock of Mike Branson on the other end. One of the most memorable and popular scenes in Falcon history.
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