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Blake Mason - James Bennett & Kyle Lucas
It's been years since we last saw Kyle in the bedroom, but when we heard he wanted to come back we knew he had to get a shot at sexy James and that hot arse. The horny guy couldn't wait to get that dick in his mouth, his own cock being lovingly worshiped by fit James, but when he gets his bearded face between those butt cheeks his craving for hole is clear. Man, this guy loves to eat arse, almost as much as he loves fucking it! James takes an amazing ride on that dick, fucked from behind and on his back, wanking off the whole time while Kyle thrusts his stiff inches in and out of his snug chute, taking his new friend to a cum erupting climax that leaves his abs drenched in cock juice. Kyle isn't far behind, wanking off over him and straddling his new pal to deliver his own splashing cream over the lad. Phew, it's a great fuck, and we can't wait to see more of Kyle now he's back in action.
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