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CollegeDudes – Javier Bent Over By Mateo – Mateo Fernandez & Javier Cruz
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Javier Bent Over Fucked By Mateo. Mateo Fernandez and Javier Cruz press their lips together in hot kisses as they slowly lose their clothes piece by piece until both guys are naked, their toned and tanned bodies up against each other as they make out. Both cocks already a little erect, Javier drops to his knees to bring Mateo's prick to its full size, sucking and deepthroating that dick until it barely fits in his mouth anymore. Mateo gives Javier oral next, lying in down on the bed and kneeling between his legs, working Javier's dick with his mouth and hand as he plays with himself too, Javier moaning at the feeling of Mateo's soft lips around his throbbing hard shaft. Mateo flips Javier over and licks that tight little ass next, rimming Javier's hole with his wet tongue as he slaps that ass and then pulls Javier's hips to him, lining up his dick and putting it inside of Javier's freshly licked ass. Doing him doggy style, both guys moan, trying to catch their breath as they fuck and get fucked, Javier's cinched hole tight around Mateo's pulsing dick as he drives it into him. Javier pumps his own cock with his hand as Mateo fucks him until Javier shoots a massive load and then Mateo pulls out and cums across Javier's cock and balls!
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