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Black Scorpion - Hunger
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Rafael Alencar again proves his mettle as a very fine director by infusing this entire production with the feeling the title describes. These guys are so hungry it makes you want to go out for a little something after you watch them perform.
And if the trio in the opener doesn't make your mouth water, it's hard to imagine what would. Karim, with his lean, hard body, Marko Hansome with his puffy, sensual lips, and Alexi Chevalier, who is from top to bottom totally fuckable, hook up after hours in a restaurant and bar. Marko's lips a look stunning rapped around his co-stars' dicks, and he's also the first to get fucked by Alexi, but before the show is over, Alexi has also used Karim's lean butt for his pleasure. Whatever the configuration, this is a triple threat to be reckoned with, and they deliver the kind of action that makes you yearn for more after the scene reaches its finale.
Next, bartender Greg Davis turns the tables by giving his customers a tip -- the head of his foreskinned dick, slapped down on the counter. Hunk D.O. leans over and laps it up while Kyle Lewis gets his fun by licking D.O.'s gorgeous body. The busy bar melts away and it's just these three dudes mixing it up with a hot daisy-chain suck and later a sensational tongue-fuck with Kyle's face buried between D.O.'s curvy asscheeks. Kyle sits on D.O.'s dick and bounces on it, right on the bar. Near the end of this extraordinary sequence, Kyle is treated to front and back oral action, with D.O. on his asshole and Karim sucking his dick. He looks like he just might have a stroke, but instead he just gets a double facial, hosed down by spewing cum at the end.
In the kitchen of this establishment, it isn't the food that's mouthwatering, and lucky Jonathan Lowe knows it. With the juicy, hard, and ready-to-suck pair of dicks in his face supplied by Joe and David Handsome, Jonathan has a lot to salivate over. And as he's taste-testing each cock in tandem, Jonathan's ass is the main course on the platter for Joe and David. Joe has the kind of cock that is enough for two, and his buddies share it greedily in the foreplay sequence. The warm-up also includes dildo play, using a rubber cock that is only slightly larger than Joe's real thing, which comes into major play later. Joe fucks Jonathan like a machine, loving every second of his time in Jonathan's hole. Jonathan blows big while Joe is still pounding away, and then Joe pulls out and wets down Jonathan's body from dick to neck with a hot spray of man cum.
Next, in the only duo scene in the movie, Arpad Miklos and C.J. Knight really rock the house. Talk about hunger -- the scene starts with Arpad's fat cock in C.J.'s face, moves to Arpad eating out C J.'s bubble-butt, and then moves to Arpad burying his dick inside C.J. from behind, filling his ass up with it. The fuck moves into very raunchy territory when Arpad does C.J. on the order's-up ledge of the kitchen (with the heat lamps off, these two don't need extra help in that department). Arpad's creamy load coats C.J.'s taut thigh, but C.J. adds his to a platter going out as the secret ingredient in the special of the day.
The final orgy scene is almost of Roman proportions, putting this sexy cast in the dining room, stark naked, satisfying their most carnal hungers at fully-laid tables with linen cloths, dishes and silver. This is a feast that caters to hungers most of us probably will never fully sate. Ass- and cock-eating is the appetizer, and every guy in the dining room gets a five-star review. Then, just as the tables begin to be filled with fucks all over, who should arrive but Rafael, just in time to be the chef's choice of the evening in his gray police uniform. That costume, which sets Rafael apart from the group at first, hits the floor quickly, and then Rafael literally gets served up on a table and becomes the hottest thing on the menu. With seven other guys on him, it looks like they just might eat him up entirely. Instead, Rafael's huge sausage finds its way into mouths and assholes, and at the end the director and star gets sauced with every other stud's cream. It looks good enough to eat, and as the scene fades, D.O. leans in and kisses Rafael, getting a private tasting.
With a sensual, moody soundtrack by Dardo, first-rate direction by Rafael, and superb performances by the very handsome men, "Hunger" is a palate-pleaser in every way -- although it may make you hungry for more from the tasty and talented Mr. Alencar.

1. Alexi Chevalier At, Rocko (Magnus) Ab, Karim (bs) Ab

2. D.O. At, Kyle Lewis Ab, Greg David

3. David Handsome, Joe Strong At, Jonathan Lowe Ab

4. Arpad Miklos At, C.J.Knight Ab, Jonathan Lowe Atb

5. D.O. AtMg, Rocko (Magnus) Ab, Jonathan Lowe Ab, Alexi Chevalier At, Jonathan Lowe Ab, Rafael Alencar AtMr, Joe Strong At, Marco Sanchez, David Handsome, Greg David

action notes: A=Anal; M=Mutual j/o; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top
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