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Kristen Bjorn - A Sailor in Sydney (1990) DVD
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Kristen's first Australian feature, with 10 hot local hunks doing what they do best all around the picturesque city of Sydney in Australia.

It links to the earlier Brazilian films by having Arturo Ramirez, a Brazilian sailor, arrive in Sydney. (Oh, you have a dirty mind, it’s a place.) Skip Simmons, a cute fuzzy bloke that Bjorn tells us in his book slept with a teddy bear, spies Arturo on the docks. The next thing we know they are making out. Arturo cums shortly after Skip begins sucking him, but this is Bjorn and we know these guys are going to cum several more times before the scene is over. Sure enough as they engage in a 69, Skip cums while Arturo is chewing on his balls and Arturo cums again with Skip’s mouth on the side of his dick. Skip cums again while Arturo is eating his ass. Arturo boffs him in the missionary position before Skip straddles his cock. Arturo snaps Skip’s carrot during the ride and then shoots his own load. Friendly guys these Ozies.

Wayne Maestri lives across the street. Wayne is a real hot dude, a “spunk” as they would call him. He admires himself in a full-length mirror and, believe me, there is much to admire. He delivers one of Bjorn’s trademark no-hand’s cum shots before moving over to a sofa with his cock still throbbing. There he brings it to a boil again and SPLAT! (Earlier I viewed and reviewed a jack off vid that I found to be a real bore. This solo ain’t boring, baby!)

In an apartment with an incredible view of the city, Ian Layton is spying on men down below through a telescope. The man of his choice (and mine!) is the handsome brunet Trevor Mills. Now both of these guys were former Junior Mr. New Zealand, and it must have blown the Aussie’s minds to see these two gorgeous titleholders sucking dick. (I know it blew something else of mine.) They do a great 69 with Ian rimming Trevor. Trevor gets on all fours for Ian to insert his crank between those beautiful muscular buns. Afterward he sucks Trevor off. Then while showering Trevor goes down on Ian and they are off and in again. This scene is the highpoint of the video, I think. And well worth the price just for this duo.

But Skip is on the move and he encounters two Greek-Australians who receive blowjobs. They do not reciprocate in any way but they don’t have to. Beautiful faces, fabulous physiques, thick uncut cocks.

Arturo meets up with four other friendly blokes and they get it on in a nice fivesome before one guy vanishes and we are down to four with two of them taking it up the warzoos. That’s going down Down Under.

Product Information
Cast:  Skip Simmons, Ian Layman, Arturo Ramirez, Geoffrey Cox, Alex Konos, Trevor Mills, Boy Dickson, Ned McCabe, Petros Moustaki, Arturo Rodriguez
Director: Kristen Bjorn
Country: Australia
Length: 1 hr 25 min
Year: 1990
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions

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