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MormonBoyz - Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart - The Covenant [1080p]
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Elder Campbell & Bishop Hart
The Covenant [1080p]

Published : 12/03/17

Bishop Hart has a particular way of doing things. And the brethren make allowances for his particular methods given his position of authority in the sacred order.

When he speaks to a missionary, he speaks very directly and very succinctly, without much in the way of subtlety. Especially when they’re being inducted in the Order.

Deep down he knows the boys are there to serve him, to worship him, and do whatever he asks. In that way, he sees no point in wasting time or words.

Elder Campbell observed this as soon as he entered the room. Crawling on all fours in just an oversized ceremonial robe, he felt like a pet with its tail between its legs. The small door he came through only cemented that feeling, and continued to color the remainder of his experience.

As soon as he made his way in, Bishop Hart grabbed him on the back of the neck while he was still on all fours.

“Come with me,” he said plainly, guiding him to the foot of a bed placed in the center of the white space. Nothing else was in the room. No framed pictures, no furniture. It seemed as though this tiny room had only one purpose, and that was to hold this secret bed.

The older man sat on the edge, looking down at his young servant. He looked into the boy’s puppy eyes eye, big and eager looking back up at him. Just the sight gave a rise to his pants, but instead, he demanded a different kind of attention.

“Take off my shoes,” he said. Again, with the tone of someone speaking to a lesser creature. Elder Campbell did as he was told and was thrown off by the disconnected way in which he was spoken to. It was strange to have Hart direct him in such a way, especially since he’d been fucked him and knew him in the most primal way. Still, he couldn’t deny that his own coverings were beginning to rise.

The boy removed Bishop Hart’s socks and shoes, even washed his feet as instructed with a damp cloth. His hands ran slowly of the tops and bottoms of his feet, feeling his penis growing harder under his large robe.

“Put down the rag and get closer to me.”

Elder Campbell wasn’t sure what he meant, but didn’t want to disappoint. He put the rag on the floor and inched himself further between the handsome man’s legs. He was so close, his chest nearly touching the edge of the mattress. Brother Hart gave him a corrective pull closer, pressing the boy’s forehead directly against his belt buckle.

“Stay,” he ordered, speaking to him once more like a dog. And not unlike one, Elder Campbell stayed motionless, feeling the cold buckle above his eyebrows, staring directly into the man’s bulging crotch.

While he stayed still, Bishop Hart paused, looked down, and ran a hand over the boy’s auburn hair. He could feel the boy’s nervous breath hot in his lap, warming his thighs. He could see the boy’s erection between his legs, and he smiled to himself, pleased that even despite his humiliation, the boy was still completely aroused.

His fingers went down to Elder Campbell’s ear, running behind it. The act sent goosebumps over the boy’s freckled body, sending his fine hairs up. It felt strange but good. Comforting but also humiliating. He’s actually treating me like a pet, he thought to himself, his gaze unbroken from the man’s zipper fly.

Bishop Hart began to unbutton his shirt cuffs, staring off into the distance, seemingly completely detached from the boy between his legs. He slowly proceeded to undress himself, taking off his suspenders and shirt, unbuttoning his pants and lowering his zipper. All the while Elder Campbell obediently followed the word “stay.”

Once Bishop Hart was fully undressed, pants kicked off, sitting naked on the foot of the bed, and crotch was exposed, Elder Campbell’s breath fell on his penis and excited him more. The boy, too, could see his manhood and his mouth began to water, knowing it was inches from his face.

Hart took the boy’s head in his hand, holding firmly onto his chin, and looked the boy right in the eye.

“Use your mouth to get me fully aroused.”

Elder Campbell would have been insulted to be spoken to like an animal or a pet in training, but being with Bishop Hart clicked something in his head. The something that clicked when they were first together in his office. The part of him that not only was turned on by his handsome looks, but the part that hungered to be dominated by him.

Almost as quickly and abruptly as he obeyed “stay,” he acted enthusiastically when he heard “go.” The boy’s wet, warm mouth opened and took his shaft deep into his mouth, pushing against the back of his throat so hard it seemed to push additional air out through his nose to make room.

He sucked his cock passionately and dutifully, trying hard to get the man’s member to grow bigger and bigger between his lips. It was working, too.

Bishop Hart sat back and enjoyed his blowjob. The look on his face was one of superiority and entitlement. He was pleased, but he wasn’t surprised. This is how men of his position are supposed to be treated and he was simply reaping his just rewards.

“Keep your mouth open and head still,” Hart ordered, moving from his seated position to standing upright.

The boy stopped suck, took a beat of a surprised, but then opened his mouth with his head and neck locked in place. Bishop Hart inched his cock closer to the open hole of the boy’s face and pressed it inside, using his wet tongue as a guide to slide in deep.

Hart held the boy’s head between his hands and pulled his cock out slightly, bringing the head of his penis just out far enough to the warm, breathy entrance of the boy’s mouth. He pushed back in again and then back out. In and out. Again and again. He soon built up the speed and momentum of a true thrust.

He’s fucking my mouth, Elder Campbell realized, barely able to form the thought while also focusing on breathing and holding the man’s massive cock inside him. Bishop Hart gyrated his pelvis in and out of the boy’s face, using him purely for his satisfaction.

Bishop Hart continued to fuck his mouth for a while, feeling his balls swell and tighten in anticipation of bursting.

“Stop.” He took his cock out of Campbell’s face and looked down at him once more. He spoke slowly and directly, again, as if he were giving instruction to a pet. “I’m going to lie on my back. You’re going to crawl on top of me and you’re going to put my cock inside you.”

With barely a moment for the boy to react, Bishop Hart pushed himself back on the mattress, positioning his entire body flat on top.

Elder Campbell followed behind him slowly, giving the older man the time to get in place and get comfortable. Unceremoniously and without any extra foreplay, Elder Campbell bent his legs up over the older man’s body and took Hart’s wet cock in his hand.

With a quick guide and placement, he put the erection directly up to his hole, relaxed, and let it slide inside him. As soon as it pierced his sphincter, Campbell sat back on it, letting it fill him completely.

Campbell took a quick breath, relishing the feeling of the man penetrating him, still slightly awkward that all this was done so directly and bluntly. Nevertheless, his dripping cock proved he was loving it way more than he even realized. He rocked himself back and forth, letting it move inside his hole like it did his mouth.

Bishop Hart looked on as Campbell opened his hole on him and serviced him with his body. He let the boy ride him for a moment, giving him a taste of autonomy in this initial penetration. He knew he wanted to use the boy as a fuckhole and show him what true submission looks like…

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