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Buckshot - Big Rig
The hot desert sun. It warms a man’s body down to it’s roots. Passion rises in the heat. And when Buckshot Men are involved, it doesn’t take long for the Big Rigs to come out and play. The wide-open spaces of the desert country of California serve as the backdrop for the action as ten masculine and muscular men respond to the heat and do what comes naturally with each other.

Using several fan favorites, award-winning producer/director John Rutherford has put together a cast that will make viewers feel the heat no matter where they are. Recent discoveries are teamed with seasoned performers to make a memorable group of men who drive their Big Rigs to deliver the goods.

Young Colby Taylor leaves his partner at a key party (Ice Storm-esque) and goes off to find himself - or at least to find sex. He tries to interest his partner Eddie Mataro, but all Eddie wants to do is get ready for the random chances of sex at a key party (where you pick your partner by choosing from among sets of keys). Poor Colby is left jacking off on the shower stall door earlier that day, which looks incredibly hot through the glass.

At the party Colby gets disgusted and leaves Eddie to hit the road. Eddie, however, is hitting on Kristian Alvarez and Blake Nolan, and soon both big men are hitting back as Eddie services them both from the bottom in a spirited fashion. If Eddie’s thinking about his frustrated lover, he’s sure not showing it!

On the road Colby meets Jason Crew and gets talked into letting the young stud come with him. But Jason’s a handful, and he taunts a big rig driver on the road. When they pull over for gas, the trucker, Gus Mattox, pulls over to read them the riot act. But Jason reads him as available, and it isn’t long before the two of them head to the truck's empty trailer for a naked workout of epic proportions.

At the end of the day, Colby and Jason check into a cheap roadside motel, and on the way to their room hear the fun going on in the room next door. Brad Patton is inside making use of the beautiful young body of Omer, and the pleasure is evident on both their faces. Are they two lovers, is it the start of a new romance, or is it a quick casual encounter? Viewers will have to fill in between the lines. (Watch for guest appearances by Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson from the Derek & Romaine Show on Sirius Channel 106.)

Colby, meanwhile, is dreaming of trucker Gus Mattox, as Jason checks out his growing wood until he can’t stand it any longer. Jason makes his move, but this time it’s Colby that isn’t interested.

The next morning, Colby and Jason head to a diner for breakfast. Soon Jason disappears, and heads out back to find something that isn’t on the menu. The kitchen help are taking a break, and Jason joins Brian Hansen and Tamas Eszterhazy to give them a break from the ordinary with the action of his big cock. He joins Tamas in topping Brian, and then tops Tamas, too. (This threeway is a true Blue Plate Special that will long be a menu favorite of every guy who sees it!) No surprise when Jason tells Colby that he’s decided to stay at the diner and leaves Colby to go on by himself.

Colby finally connects with the trucker of his wet dreams. Gus has pulled over for the night, and Colby pulls over to see if he can turn his dream into a reality. He does - big time! In a worthy grand finale Colby finds that Gus’ muscular arms and muscular cock are everything he hoped they would be. It might not be love, but it's sex. And it’s not just everyday sex - but great sex. Don't come knockin', 'cause this Big Rig is rockin'!"
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