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Bijou Video - White Trash (1980) DVD5
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Bijou Video - White Trash (1980) DVD5

My Rip from the DVD.....Nothing Altered

One of my Favs from Bijou
The soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission

White Trash, from gay hall of fame director Toby Ross, groups skinny, boyish punks who like to have sex with each other - street hustlers and thieves whose minds are mostly occupied with getting their rocks off. Gerald Vincent sucks another guy's dick while sitting in the bathtub, a soloist in bed, two blonds going at it and finally Wren Carmichael and Kevin McDonald meet one another in a movie theatre, fuck in the men's room and then travel home for more! White Trash is a classic of all-male beauty.

Cast :
Gerald Vincent
Karl Creepon
Kevin Lediz (Kevin McDonald on cover)
Sam Filoni
Speedfreak Frank
St. Anthony
St. Duke
Wren Carmichael

Anyway ............................
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