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Dick Wadd - Hard Hat Pigs 3
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A bunch o’ construction workers are takin’ a break and bullshittin’ about the new guy on the team, Blue Bailey, and how he’s gonna get initiated. Dolf Dietrich catches Blue in the bathroom jackin’ off, so the men grab Blue and screw him down to the work table where he’s fuckin’ drenched in piss, inside and out, by Dolf, Ray, Shay, Mason, Lex and Seth. Blue gets his hungry hole fuckin’ stretched by Dolf, Ray, Shay and Lex, then takes Dolf’s load. The action is fast paced and majorly intense throughout.

Working hard all day remodeling a house can make a pig thirsty. And Mason Garet is that thirsty pig. After drenching himself with piss streams from his cock, he gets showered by Ray Dalton with a hard hat full of man piss. Mason’s thirst isn’t the only thing that needs to be taken care of. His hole is hungry for fist. Ray takes Mason up stairs and bends him over a scaffold and proceeds to wreck Mason’s hole with his big fuckin’ paw. Ray switches back and forth from feeding Mason’s hungry hole with fist to giving it some cock. The rest of the Hard Hat crew is watching all the action and getting themselves worked up. Dolf Dietrich is so turned on by the pig play that he has to unload. He steps in and drops a big load of cum into Ray’s hand. Ray then shoves all that man sperm deep into Mason’s fuck hole. Ray Dalton fucks Dolf Dietrich’s cum load deep into Mason Garet’s gut with his oversized fist, then expertly fists his hole on a scaffold while the rest of the hard hat crew watches, jacks off, sucks cock and gets all worked up. Mason gets a heapin’ helpin’ of ass stretching and piss.

Dolf Dietrich is craving some hot cock up his ass and Blue Bailey is more than happy to give it to him. Blue fucks Dolf doggie style while the rest of the cast urges him on. Mason Garet slides up underneath Dolf to suck on that big, hard, swinging dick. Dolf fucks Mason’s throat while Blue continues to plow Dolf’s ass. Mason shoots his load right in front of Dolf’s face which he greedily licks up. Mason then washes his cum off Dolf’s lips with a hot stream of piss. Ray Dalton sneaks in behind Blue with his big hard cock, making Blue the meat in a meat sandwich. Ray then turns Blue on his back and fucks that boy’s hole ’til Blue shoots a huge load into the air.

Hairy, big dicked stud Seth Fisher is on the Hard Hat Pigs construction site work table with a group of ass-hungry pigs standing around sniffin’ the air for hole. First batter up is Shay Michaels, who pounds Seth’s hole wide open while Lex Antoine delivers a torrent of piss from his big PA’d cock onto Shay’s pulsing pole. Shay tears Seth a new one, which is fortunate, because that hole needs to be WIDE open for Lex Antoine’s fat, veiny, uncut monster cock. Lex widens Seth’s orifice even further, then Blue Bailey batters the hole mercilessly and Ray Dalton takes a turn at bat. Lex milks a huge load out of that thick French Canadian sausage, then squeezes every drop out of his foreskin into Seth’s hairy manhole. Shay follows it up with a gigantic, creamy white, ropey load, which makes Seth shoot a mammoth cum stream all over his hairy chest and belly. Our pigs feed Seth 3 loads: the one that Mason Garet licks off Seth’s belly, the load that Blue felches out of Seth’s ass and the ropes of cum hanging off the end of Shay’s cock. Mmmmm mmmmm, good to the last fucking drop!
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