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BG Enterprise - Hard-On Wrestling 1 : Dino Phillips vs Paul Morgan (2014)
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Before Erotic Hard-On Oil Wrestling there was Hard-On Wrestling, which was nothing more than the same except missing the oil. After one bout, this one, BG added oil, which made this style of BG wrestling even more erotic. But there is nothing that BG has produced thus far that is sexier than this match. Both had full hard-on's going into the match. Dino's popped out of the top of his brief trunks and Paul's filled his. The wrestling and sexy context are nicely balanced. Lots of scissors and other holds, combined with ass slapping, foot, toe and cock sucking along the way. The first submission is a real erotic doozy. Dino gets Paul into a small package in combination with a face sit smother. The second submission goes to Paul when he grabs Dino's head in a powerful scissors. Dino's head is trapped between Paul's thigh muscles up near his naked butt. The third and deciding fall goes to Dino who has Paul trapped in a prone full nelson. Paul Morgan is known for his huge cum shots, and this video proves no exception. As his nipples are massaged he blasts good 6 ft plus multiple cumshots. The results are plastered all over the wrestling mat. He returns the favor to Dino, massaging and biting his nips. Dino gives off a nice blast, not as far as Paul of course, but enough of a volume and distance to more than satisfy...

Cast: Dino Phillips, Paul Morgan
Release Date: 01/02/2014
Length: 39 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / BG Enterprise
Homepage: N/A
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