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Bareback RT - Bareback Bayou Butt Fuckers
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Ryan Raz makes his awaited return to porn in his first-ever bareback scene and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!

As if it wasn’t humid enough in the bayou, this group of horny fuckers are taking the heat to new levels with a raw fuckfest that you won’t be able to turn away from! With a cast led by Ryan Raz, Alessio Romero, Brett Bradley and more, watch as piggy power bottoms get pounded by inches upon inches of raw, rock-hard monster cock!

It’s a hot day in the Bayou and Cy Kohen needs a hot, raw fuck to go along with it. The horny pig checks out the local cruising spot and finds just what he needs when Brett Bradley comes along with his big, swinging piece of meat. Cy sinks to his knees and sucks Brett’s huge cock until the top is rock hard and ready to fuck. Brett sinks his mammoth member deep into Cy’s tight fuck hole and starts fucking him slow and deep. Cy begs for it harder and Brett is happy to oblige, slamming his cock good and hard into the sleazy bottoms hole and making him shoot a huge load. Brett pulls out and shoots his own thick load all over Cy’s torn up hole and fucks it back in. Brett takes off leaving Cy craving his second load of the day.

Tatted up hunk Cam Christou is way into sexy fucker Ryan Raz. Cam starts off by sucking on Ryan's sweet dick and driving the boy wild for more. Cam takes him to the next level of ecstasy by flipping him over and burying his face in his ass, driving his tongue deep into Ryan's quivering hole. With Ryan's hole nice and juicy, and lubed up with spit, Cam drive his big cock deep into the boy's bubble butt. Ryan loves it and is soon meeting Cam's thrusts and fucking him back. Deciding to take control, Ryan jumps up, sinks down on Cam's throbbing dick, and rides it like a cowboy riding a bull at a rodeo. Cam fucks up into him with long, deep strokes, pulling his cock out all the way to expose Ryan's now gaping butt hole, and then thrusting it back in all the way up to the balls. Ryan wants to see the sexy stud who's fucking him so well, so he dismounts and flips over, throwing his legs in the air. Cam jams his cock back in Ryan's well fucked hole and pounds the fuck out of it, causing Ryan to shoot a nice load all over his stomach. This excites Cam so much that he pulls out and shoots his own hot load all over Ryan's load and fucks it in real deep.  

Dirty little fucker Cy Kohen just finished getting fucked and taking a load at the local cruising spot when rugged daddy Ryder comes along looking for some action. Cy drops to his knees and sucks Ryder's cock, making sure he takes it balls deep. That's not good enough for Ryder who grabs onto the back of Cy’s head and starts fucking his face until he's choking on his big, hard dick. Ryder picks him up, pushes him against the fence, and buries his face in his Cy's meaty white ass. The bottom grinds back into Ryder and begs him to fuck and breed him. Ryder obliges by sticking his big dick into Cy's hole and fucking him nice and slow. Ryder builds up the force of his fucking and soon he is slamming into Cy with such force that the slutty bottom can barely take it. Ryder fucks him savagely until he fucks a big load on and in his hole and fucks it in real deep. Done with his fuck, Ryder grabs his clothes, thanks Cy for the ass, and hightails it out of there, leaving Cy exhausted, dazed and fingering his cum drenched hole.  

Tattooed muscle daddy Alessio Romero has sexy stud Dylan Hyde all to himself for an evening and he intends to use the boy until they are both satisfied. Alessio starts out by sucking Dylan's huge cock before he turns the tables and fucks the boy's throat good and deep. Next Alessio turns his interest to Dylan's pretty bubble butt and gives him a rimming that has the boy wet and begging to be fucked. Alessio fucks Dylan something fierce in just about every position there is. The boy just can't get enough of Alessio's Latin dick and shoots a big load as the top pounds away at his ass. Alessio is quick to lick up all that cum and share it with Dylan in a hot kiss before resuming his fucking. He fucks the Dylan harder and harder until he shoots a big, thick load all over the bottom's hole and fucks it back in rough and deep.
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