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Raging Stallion - Cops Gone Bad!
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No porn star shines brighter than Chris Steele, a superstar of gigantic proportions. The first scene of Cops Gone Bad is the highpoint of Mr. Steele's career. It was this scene that won for him and Michael Soldier the 2002 GAYVN award for Best Sex Scene. Adam Video Guide calls this scene the hottest 45 minutes ever filmed in the history of porn. Watch your dick grow as State Trooper Steele stalks an innocent jogger in the foothills of the California mountains.

An innocent day of exercise takes a dark turn as Steele literally runs Soldier down with his police vehicle, handcuffs him, abuses him verbally, and undertakes a full on cavity search that leaves no crevice unexplored.

As Soldier becomes more and more resigned to his fate, he begins to enjoy Steele's rock hard cock as it powerfucks his eager hole. Soldier shoots a huge cum shot without even touching himself as Steele spills his seed on his victim. A shocking ending follows in this, the award winning first scene from Cops Gone Bad!
Next up we find filthy punk Sky Donovan in jail. He is about to be interviewed by officer Michael Brandon. Watching this scene makes you wonder why guys like Donovan are not locked up forever. They are dangerous, disgusting, foul mouthed shits who try to charm their way thru life with a nice smile and a pack of lies. Brandon sees thru it all, and before you know it Donovan is on the floor, handcuffed to a table, with a police night stick up his ass. In an amazing fuck scene that helped Michael win his second GAYVN Performer of the Year award, Donovan's ass is literally split wide open under the probing power of Brandon's world famous 11 inch cock. Donovan screams for help "Rape! Rape!," but Brandon plows on until the bastard punk collapses in his own squalor. The guy gets what he deserves and so do viewers!

The third scene of Cops Gone Bad takes place in an abandoned naval yard. Sky Donovan returns as a different character, but still one with a definite criminal bent! He and his fun-loving buddy (played by Sire, a young black man with a cock that could choke a whale) are tooling around the insides of an abandoned warehouse--a room that used to house provisions for an aircraft carrier. There is a lot to explore in this giant room (the room itself is almost a quarter mile long--one of our best sets ever!), but somehow Sky and Sire end up exploring each other.
But danger lurks around the corner in the form of Security Guard Vince Varrone. Captured during the moment of orgasm, officer Verrone locks the two delinquents up in a cage until he can figure out what to do with them. Wiley and sexy as ever, Sky and Sire trick their captor into having sex, allowing them to escape in a rain of white hot cum.

The final scene of Cops Gone Bad is a digital remastering of the wonderful scene from SEXPACK TWO, staring Joe Stack and Frank Parker. This was one of the scenes that put Raging Stallion on the map as a top producer of gay erotica. Frank Parker has a jock-strap fetish, and to get relief he busts into a locker room at a gay gym. As he pries open lockers in search of dirty jock straps, he hardens and stiffens as the smells of man sex float thru the room. He is lost in the aroma of cock, so much so that he doesn't even notice New York Muscle Daddy Joe Stack watching from afar. Stack, dressed full on in his NYPD uniform, quickly wrestles Parker to the ground and delivers a heavy dose of verbal and physical humiliation. Both a night stick and a hard cock work Parker over until at one point the table is turned and Hot Cop Stack is on his knees getting his own fill of criminal cock. But the Parker has a plan and uses Stack's immobilizing orgasm as the means to his escape.

Cops Gone Bad remains to this day the best selling Raging Stallion film of all time, and a huge feather in the director caps of Chris Ward and J.D. Slater

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