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Colt (Buckshot) - Buckleroos Part I
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Now, if you're a hard-core Colt fan, this might be something different for you -- this time around there's more than just built masculine men posing and humping. Award-winning writer/director Jerry Douglas is codirector and writer on this modern cowboy classic, and if he's involved, you know there there's gonna be plenty of plot and character along with the fucking and sucking. Codirector and executive producer John Rutherford actually brings performers to this Colt video, great looking guys that can fuck and act, not just model and pose. So this might be different from your big brother's Colt, but frankly, I think it's better! So saddle up and kick back because it's a wild ride!
The main story is about two cowboy ranchers, Dean Phoenix and Marcus Iron, who met years ago, had a one-time fling and now agree to live and work together on the ranch as buddies, not boyfriends. Both of these uncut hunks are hot, but it's a real treat to see Phoenix back in action after leaving porn for a few years. He's still masculine and handsome, with a disarming smile and a mop of dark curls on his head. His body is as good as ever, smooth and nicely muscled, with a killer cock hiding in his pants. The third main character in this movie is western classic Man in Black played by porn superstar Zak Spears. No one can really see this ever-present entity (devil, angel, cupid?), but through a Colt belt buckle he inspires the cast to get it on. It might sound hokey on paper, but it's quite effective in the movie.
We see the platonic relationship between Iron and Phoenix at work as they jack off and shower in front of each other without either one touching the other. At a bar that night, Phoenix drools over big, blond Josh Hardman while Iron goes his own way cruising for cowboy cock. Thanks to the belt buckle provided by Spears, Phoenix is finally able to bag Hardman, and the two head off to the loft for some private time. Phoenix is so fine, it's hard to believe he needs a belt buckle to catch a hunk, but okay. Up in the loft, the studs strip down, and Hardman feasts on Phoenix' curved, uncut cock. After some foreskin chewing and ass-eating, Phoenix plugs the beefy blond's butt in a stand-up fuck. Phoenix rides him like a bucking bronco, and Hardman squats down and fucks himself on that big cock until both guys shoot their sperm all over Phoenix' abs. The afterglow is cut short when Hardman asks if they can do it again some time and Phoenix shoots him down by telling him the second time can never be as good as the first.
The next morning, after bragging about his conquest, Phoenix loans Iron his new belt, compliments of Spears. Later on, Iron gets pulled over on a back road by officer Todd Maxwell, and the belt buckle and Spears get things going again. Iron and the cop pull way off the road and light up a joint before burly, bearded Maxwell goes down on Iron's joint. He face-fucks the officer while sitting inside his pick-up, shoving his beer can-thick cock way down Maxwell's throat. Iron stays in charge of the action as they move outside the truck, and he uses the officer's nightstick in creative ways. Iron goes down on Maxwell before screwing him with the nightstick. The nightstick was probably a piece of cake compared to Iron ramming his fat, uncut monster up there, but Maxwell doesn't seem to mind. Both guys get off, and officer Maxwell asks if they can do it again some time. Wanna guess what his response is?
So Iron is telling his cop-fuck story to Phoenix as they are both jacking off that night. They both agree it's a good thing not to settle down until you are a geezer. The doorbell rings, and it's ranch hands Arpad Miklos and Ricky Martinez asking if they can borrow a truck to go into town -- no prob. Just when the guys get back to jacking, the bell rings again, but this time it's Phoenix's nephew, Owen Hawk. Seems the young, tall, lean horndog had to leave home (one too many football quarterbacks...) and has decided to move in with his uncle for the time being. Hawk is easily the breakout star of parts 1 & 2 of this cowboy tale. He's a handsome boy/man, just muscled enough and plays with his big, uncut cock like a kid finding a new toy. Wearing a pair of cut-off shorts that would shame Daisy Duke, Hawk tells his tale of hitchhiking his way there. Needless to say, it involves a very hot three-way with Diego De LaHoya and Brad Benton getting it on in a convertible on the side of a road. Every form of dick sucking, ass-eating and fucking takes place in this outdoor scene. And you can see the cars and trucks on the interstate behind the guys as they go at it with Spears being present of course. The scene is a little long, but the chemistry between Hawk and fellow hitchhiker Benton is great. After the hot sex is over, Benton asks Hawk if they can become boyfriends -- do I even have to tell you the answer? But Hawk is surprised to learn that his uncle and Iron are platonic and not screwing each other's brains out.
The next scene is a little out of place. It features ranchhands Miklos and Martinez getting ready to go out on the town, but mostly it's them looking at themselves and dry humping a mirror. Both uncut guys get magic belts from Spears that make them lick their own images in the mirrors in their room. They don't touch each other, just admire their own bods, and Martinez does a great job self-sucking his prong. Both guys end up jizzing into their own mouths, which is pretty hot but the video could have been made without this scene, and it's a waste of humpy, hairy Miklos.
At the bar that night, Phoenix and Iron are invited to stick around after the bar closes and watch the bartenders go at it. Interesting! They sit on the side and jack themselves as returning hunk Jake Andrews gets it on with Edu Boxer and Chris Wide while Mike Dasher and Sam Shadon make out. Andrews does a great job of sucking Boxer and Wide, two very hot guys. Boxer is short, with a thick, muscled hairy build, while Wide tall and smooth, with a great muscular build. Both guys are uncut and nicely hung. Lucky Andrews also gets to eat Boxer's hairy hole while getting his own hole pounded by Wide's long dong. Doesn't get much better than that! Shadon also gets his hairy hole fingered and then mounted by Dasher on top of the pool table. All of the guys ended up squirting their loads on Shadon's hairy chest at the end. All that is except Iron and Phoenix, who are kissing and making out as they blow their loads. Is this gonna ruin their platonic bliss?

Cast:  Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Owen Hawk, Edu Boxer, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher, Diego De LaHoya, Todd Maxwell, Jake Andrews, Brad Benton, Sam Shadon, Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos, Josh Hardman

Length: 1:59:34
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