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Men of Montreal 26
Men of Montreal presents Volume 26 - Marko meets Samuel on the street and invites him home to give a massage, but it’s really just a way to get at his cock. And he gets it, deep in his tight ass! Derek wakes up horny next to smooth twink Mickael and has his way with him, giving him a good protein breakfast! Brandon and Emilio watch a hot porn vid and can’t help themselves from playing a dirty game of ‘follow the leader’! Alec has a spectacular time topping Samuel and shows his enthusiasm with buckets of cum! Enjoy these and much more!

1. Marko Lebeau, Samuel Stone

2. Derek Thibault, Mickael Storm

3. Brandon Jones, Emilio Calabria

4. Samuel Stone, Alec Leduc

5. Amir (solo)

Length: 1:31:05

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