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Film911 - Sebastian with Dr Smith & Nurse Jett (Belly Button + Muscle Worship, Cpr, Feet)
muscle worshipcprfeetno sex
Fix it man falls in home and Jett timidly starts to touch him after flirting with him earlier. Wakes up and is told to see Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith does a neurological exam and Sebastian becomes disoriented and slips into coma. Smith asks nurse to examine abdomen and then movis his hand to belly button and so on. Then they move him into different positions and take photos. Then they bathe him with towels after removing the rest of his clothes. Clean feet and worship them. Strap him down. Then he comes around and struggles to get away and then we gas him. ECT commences but Jett won’t do it so he is put under and told to do it then Sebastian flat lines and they start CPR. At the house they handcuff Sebastian him and he wakes up and tries to escape only to be strangled to death. Jett is brought out of trance (Dr. Smith feels him up first) and agrees to enjoy his body. They lay next to him and play with his body and then start CPR. Twice he comes around and tries to escape only to be knocked out.
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