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Titan Media - Stockroom - Jim Ferro & J R Matthews
What secrets await in the Stockroom? In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits.

Scene 2 - Handsome Jim Ferro sits patiently as his desk as his shipment is prepped in the stockroom. The special delivery soon arrives in a cage: muscular J.R. Matthews is bound, blindfolded and gagged, drool already coating his beard. "Come here, boy!" says Jim, his biceps and pecs practically bursting out of his tight latex uniform. Forceful and gentle at the same time, Jim follows a kiss with a wad of spit before opening the cage and fingering J.R.'s stretched mouth. Whipping out his pierced cock, Jim pisses on the sub before freeing his mouth and feeding him. "Suck my cock!" demands Jim as he spits down on J.R., whose chin is already dripping with saliva and piss. J.R. uses his tongue to tug the top's piercing, pulling the dick as he teases it.
On his back, J.R. gets plowed deep and fast by the salt-and-pepper stud. "Play with your dick, boy!" yells Jim, his hairy abs beautifully clenching as he slams the jacking J.R.. Jim then heads to the shower, showing off his bod and pissing cock as a bound J.R. watches from the bed. Jim soon feeds his slave again before plowing him pubes-deep. J.R. jacks to come as he's fucked, then gets tied to the bed after Jim squirts and kisses the bottom, their beards bristling in a hot display of masculine lust.

Run Time: 32:51
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