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Hot House-Bullwhip - Rear-Ended (1995) mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Steven Scarborough

Beau Saxon
Brad Hunt
Cory Miles
Eric Moreno
Jackson Phillips
Luc Russell
Randy Mixer
Rip Stone
Ryder Scott
Billy Klub - Non-sexual role

In Rear Ended, Cory Mioles get Rear Ended in traffic and spends the rest of the day just missing out on a score of sexual collisions! Cory's fender bender triggers a fantasy pile up with Brad Hunt. Pedestrian Ryder Scott gets the great light from Rip Stone. Cory's car gets towed to a body shop, but it's mechanics Jackson Phillips and Randy Mixer that gets detailed. Cory was late for a date with Luc Russell, but Luc was right on time for Beau Saxon. Cory finalloy finds himself in a moving violation and gets sexually wrecked by Brazilian Beefcake policeman Eric Moreno.

1. Cory Miles, Brad Hunt

2. Ryder Scott, Rip Stone

3. Jackson Phillips, Randy Mixer

4. Beau Saxon, Luc Russell

5. Cory Miles, Eric Moreno

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