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Active Duty - Alex James and Blake Effortley Tag-Team Ryan Jordan (1080p)
Alex James and Blake Effortley use Ryan Jordan’s mouth for their big hard dicks. They take turns fucking his mouth and using him any way they want. While one forces his head down balls deep the other strokes their dick waiting until they switch.

Blake Effortley’s cock is hard and ready. So, he eases his bare cock deep into Ryan Jordan’s raw ass. He then goes balls deep thrusting hard and fast forcing Ryan’s head onto Alex James’ cock. Ryan moans and groans as his sounds are muffled from Alex’s big dick. Blake doesn’t get all the fun so Alex takes a run at Ryans sweet ass.

Released: 07/28/2019
Alex James isn’t as kind as Blake Effortley as he pounds deep and hard making Ryan Jordan squirm with his mouth full of cock. Their balls are full and ready to explode and they both stroke out their warm cum all over Ryan’s eager face as he strokes his nut out onto him self. They use their cocks to rub cum all over his face and push it into his mouth making sure no drop is left behind.
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