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Extra Big Dicks - All Choked Up - David Chase, Brenn Wyson
Big DickHairyTatooHandcuffsChainsDeepthroathFingeringCondomsCumshots
Release Date: 11-05-2011

Duration: 17 min.

David is sitting back on the couch in handcuffs and one leg
in a cuff as Brenn enters the room in his underwear tented by
his raging hard on. "What are you looking at?" he barks as he
secured David's other ankle. "You ready for this dick?" he
taunts as he grabs David by the head and shoves his cock down
his throat. David cowers as he gets his throat fucked making
him gag repeatedly. Brenn strips off his boxer briefs and whips
David across the face with them several times before going back
to burying his dick down his throat. "You like big dick?" Brenn
teases as he continues his assault on David's throat making him
gag and choke on his meat. David could've said he liked long
walks on the beach but NOOOO he had to go and say pain. Brenn
manhandles him as he pulls his legs in the air using the chains
around his ankles. He orders him onto the floor as he shoves his
cock back down his throat and orders David to tell him he loves
his cock while his dick is buried in his throat. David does and
as a reward he gets the handcuffs taken off. David loves every
minute of it as he grabs that cock and shoves it right back down
his throat.

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