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Martyr (2017 / Lebanon, Italy / [Mp4 | 720p ] English Sub (Hardcoded)

Director & Writer: Mazen Khaled
Language: Arabic / Genre: Drama
2017 84 min

Hamza Mekdad, Moustafa Fahs, Hady Bou
Ayash, Rashad Nasreddine, Carol Abboud, Rabin El Zahr

A young man's tragic death at Beirut's seaside causes his friends to grapple with loss and to partake in his community's rites and ceremonies, exposing the city's schisms and its society's fault lines.


More homo-suggestive than homoerotic, more closted than in-your-face homosexual, this is a life where the simplest of actions [a touch, a look, a proximity] speak louder than the loudest words, where reverence and respect are uttered with every greeting and farewell...after all, this is a culture that demands sexual subtlety.


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